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How to Become Healthy?

Hello. My name is Ivan Kropyvnytskyy and I help people to be healthy.

This website is for those that are looking for real knowledge and support that allows to focus on life and its simple pleasures rather than constantly chasing after the trendy health products and services with flashy bells and whistles without any real value. 

The essence of this project is to help you achieve optimal health through lifestyle changes so that you could fully reveal your potential and achieve everything, according to your true life potential.

To build a real health is easy. But as the saying goes, the trick is in the details. This project is dedicated to the discussion of these details.

Overall, this program and this approach supports a comprehensive and gradual transformation of a person by changes in the lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, sleep and recovery, and mastery of the mind and psyche. This is the only way to achieve deep and lasting improvement of human life. This program, the implementation of which will take some time, is actually quite simple and very effective, and it can greatly help in achieving good health, peaceful sleep at night, and feeling a state of happiness every day of life.

In this program, we do not treat the disease. Instead, revitalizing the body and bringing it to a whole new level of performance, we allow the human body to transform itself, and the diseases, even those that are quite serious and deemed incurable may simply disappear healed by the body. But remember, the more advanced is the disease - the less chance of success there is because the body may already be unable to cope with the level of problem. This is not a reason for despair, but more advanced problems will require significantly more work. So, start early.

After studying the material and creating an action plan to improve the lifestyle, depending on the baseline, the first positive changes in health can be observed most likely a few weeks after the start of the program. If everything is done properly, after a few months a significant progress can be expected. But for sustainable improvement and creation of a certain "autopilot" long-term success likely a year, and sometimes longer, will be needed.

This method is not for everyone and unfortunately only a small number of people they will fully use and benefit from it. To succeed, two conditions are critically important:

1. High self-motivation: to change the lifestyle and lay the true foundation of health will require time, effort and overcoming many obstacles.

2. Open mind: the ability to take in new information, albeit slowly, and the ability to use it practically in life.

I'm not a magician, and I do not practice miracles. If you do not want to help yourself, I will most likely not able to help you either. So, before you meet these two conditions, please do not waste your (and my) time and come back when will be ready. Amassing the number of participants is not one of the prime objectives of this project, and I will take every efforts to filter out everyone who came to this site by chance, and does not have the spirit for the true change, and the sooner the better.

By the way, I'm a doctor, not a writer. I speak four languages, but none of them perfectly. You will have to live with my stylistic, spelling and grammatical errors. As well as with the other features of my approach: I have no desire and no time for empty games of courtesy, and we will communicate directly, sometimes harshly. If you do not like this style, please find yourself some other assistant and another program.

If you are willing to work hard, I advise you to start by reading the entry on the Four Pillars of Health, then get acquainted with the book and blog articles. You can learn more about the author here. My contact information is provided in order to ask questions, share your thoughts about this program, and in order to register for free 1-2 hour group sessions that I regularly offer via Skype and now these are usually held once a week (currently on Tuesday, at 09:00 EST time).

This is not a commercial project. As mentioned, the group classes, as well as the book are available for everyone for free. And this (book and group Skype lessons) should be absolutely sufficient to obtain all the necessary information. During the sessions (group or individual) I do not sell any other products or services. There is a charge for one-on-one individual sessions  (also via Skype) for those who have an interest and has the possibility to pay. I do not have a lot of time allocated for the individual sessions so you may have to wait. Fee in each case is determined individually, depending on your capabilities and the complexity of the situation. But again, the individual sessions, in my opinion, do not offer any particular advantages and I highly recommend to start with free group lessons first. In the off-line world, some workshops are planned in the future "in real life" in different parts of the world, depending on the interest of participants, and my plans for travel and stay in particular cities or countries. Watch for new information on this site.

Good luck and I wish you all the best!

Ivan Kropyvnytskyy