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About the Author: from Neurosurgeon to Health Coach 

Dr. Ivan Kropyvnytskyy is an expert level lifestyle coach. He began his medical career in neurosurgery and worked in this area in different parts of Europe and Canada, where he also successfully completed the six-year program in preventive medicine at the University of Calgary, and then achieved a separate specialisation in sleep medicine.

During his career he has often seen many people who, without any need for that, were suffering and dying because of health problems that can be easily and quickly prevented or reversed with a proper lifestyle. Interest in this field influenced him to dramatically change his area of ​​work, and led to the re-training in preventive medicine and eventually allowed to become an expert in the field of healthy life.

Overall, he studied the health field from different angles for over 25 years in various areas of health and medicine, including six years of preventive medicine and six years of sleep medicine. Eventually he has discovered some "secrets" and was able to "connect the dots". Incidentally, in the beginning, the program was designed "for himself", because to be a neurosurgeon in time means up to 38 hours of continuous work without sleep, and staying in a hospital for 10 days without rest, caring for very sick people, who are often in a coma. This program was created to help him to maintain his physical and mental health and to remain happy in difficult situations. Now Dr. Kropyvnytskyy offers this unique program to improve to everyone, who wants to improve their health and get rid of the disease.