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This English version of the book is a computerized translation from the original Russian book version. We are working to make a properly translated and edited version, please be patient.


WellnessAid: a Short Book of Health

Dr. Ivan Kropyvnytskyy, MD

The book was written in collaboration with Victor Efimov

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction: Nature and Humanity

2. Chapter One: Nutrition and Health

         Section One

         Section Two

         Section Three

         Section four

3. Chapter Two: Movement and Health

4. Chapter Three: Recovery and Sleep

5. Chapter Four: Working on the Mind and Psyche

6. Chapter Five: How to Connect the Dots?

7. Completion: How to calm the World?


Nature is in some sense the Gospel preaching

loudly creative power, wisdom and greatness of God.

M. Lomonosov

Finding answers to questions about how to become a man, must begin with an understanding of the meaning and purposes of human life, with the awareness of the goals and processes of creation of man. In our understanding of Genesis is God, as the same for all living on Earth transcendent reality and a created universe he created things as a process trinity "Matter - Information - Measure". Being a man is in this kind of general matrix subsystem inextricably interdependent processes of the same trinity, customized accordingly to the human body, the spirit and the soul. Material body shell - it does not have what we call the term "I". Mandatory attribute of our earthly existence is the spirit, which is a biofield information processes. Body and spirit together yet also not a man, it's a kind of temple to house the soul, as a fragment of the supramundane reality, a kind of one of the neurons of the Supreme Cosmic Mind. During the term "I" just to be understood the soul of man, through the closing trinity of God-given sense of proportion, not by chance that each of us is familiar with the aphorism: "The soul - a measure." C-measures-be in our understanding means the replacement measures, passage of the soul into a new dimension, with the opening for her brand new features.

If enter postulate an evolutionary origin of man from the animal world without God, as the same for all living on the Earth and the Creator Almighty, then it will disappear idea of ​​God fisheries, about the purpose of human existence, the criteria of humanity, and of morality itself. But this is contrary to common sense. After all, even Kant in his time pointed to morality as an essential symbol of humanity: "Two things strike my imagination, the starry sky above and the moral law within." Darwinism also entails a natural primitive struggle to survive a biological species, life on the principle of "After us the deluge", eliminates reflections on the possible schemes and options for post-mortem reincarnation and soul missy.

In our understanding, people playing on the unique program in the image and likeness of God, and the image is given to him at birth, but the likeness he can buy or not to buy during its lifetime. It is asserted in the Bible, in the book "Genesis", Ch. 25-26. The quest for the divine likeness is the essence of the process of becoming a person.

The program, which is played by a man, can not be established and stable function in the absence of a programmer. "Drawings" in the human, the program of development of the fertilized cells are stored in a common universe for the global universal information matrix and received during fetal development in online. In any other part of the universe people will be played on the same drawings. For the stability of the communication process with the external matrix full gestation of the child need to stay expectant mother in natural aura, with the maximum possible reduction of anthropogenic loads. Known experiments on halting development of the eggs of the frog in the case of its shielding from natural fields.

We present our arguments in favor of that person as a unique program of natural processes are not the product of natural evolutionary processes. First of all, we mention the countless archaeological evidence that ancient civilizations had originally culture and community of scientific knowledge (architecture, dolmens, pyramids and so on. N.). Many of the finds from the gold chain to the metal products are aged in the hundreds of millions of years. And can we talk about evolution, if you do not notice us unique wildlife program on the orders beyond the capacity of man, his boldest scientific achievement. Give only some of the examples. Blind ants Atta thus manage to organize their life without traffic jams cities, with 15 meters in diameter and 6 - in depth, that it the envy of any metropolis of the world people. Moreover, their huge uterus, thousands of times greater than the size of the working ant and imprisoned in special heavy-duty cameras in intervening in their lives are able to teleport, disappear without a trace from a closed chamber and provided in another absolutely impenetrable same chamber, without violating its integrity.

These incredible facts have ample evidence through specially marked queens. Dogs are distinguished floor - smells million, snakes fixed temperature difference in a thousandth of a degree, jellyfish refuge from the storm for many hours before it starts, 20-gram bird warbler makes a 5-day non-stop flight over the ocean, getting to the appointed place. Once a year, sea turtles, weighing up to 400kg, in the mating season swim up to 3 thousand miles across the Atlantic on a tiny island between Africa and South America, and then returned to his seat without weather reports, nautical charts and compass. Lizard Basilisk, weighing up to 100 grams, runs through the water on the principle of the hovercraft, pumping under a hind paw using an air bubble. Ichneumonids relatives wasps laying their eggs in the larvae of wood borers, almost able to drill metal ovipositor more than 7 cm and at the same time to hit the larva found inside the tree. Zhuchka birch Attelabidae envy of any CNC machine operators. Delicate leaf nests for everything he cuts a strictly geometric curve, called the involute. This incision allows you to fold the sheet as necessary. Beetle-bomber in southern Africa is capable of supplying to his cell a special solution, which causes a chemical reaction with heating to a boil, then this boiling liquid it deters attackers. Spider Araneus manufactures and pryadёt cobwebs mixing in the right proportions, and five kinds of liquid adhesive, depending on the weather and the task at hand. Each piece of the web - it's hard engineered cable produced using up to 600 microtubules. In fact, the spider - a robot that includes a chemical factory loom, equipped with a control computer and complex, not accessible to the human mind software. Hungarian wasps build their nest out of chewed wood, almost completely reproduce the technology of paper man.

You can give other examples, but for a reasonable person given information is enough, what would understand that all such programs could not be the result of blind forces, and are designed not surpassed Creator programmer. Formation programs of the organization of the material world, the created universe and of the physical vacuum is a function of the human soul after leaving the body shell. The scale of new challenges is comparable with control problems by the human body when the human consciousness to work in divine. The number of neurons in our brain is comparable with the number of stars in the universe. Not wasp learned a man, everything is exactly the opposite. A person is granted the ability to read the intentions of the Creator in this, in free agency and covered our Divine likeness. All other living beings are deprived of free will and can only function within a given program Over. Any of our invention are merely the likeness of those programs that have worked in the Universe, but to this day not been identified or have not been investigated properly and not taken us into service. Globe is a kind of hothouse for rearing biodush, with the beginnings of the divine similarity required for the formation of the Creator of the cathedral of intelligence, the Supreme Cosmic Mind. Life is given to man as a serious practical course, the soul is our moment in the posthumous transformation is similar to a butterfly that flies away, leaving his discarded her cocoon.

At least a clear indication of insolvency theory of random evolutionary biological species is unique variety of methods for their reproduction. It would seem that natural selection should keep the relatives of the option that gives the best results. In fact, we are confronted with such a diverse range that gives the impression of deliberate demonstration of grandeur and design features of the Creator in order to motivate thinking people at the stage of earthly life to the intellectual activity, the organization of life in the divine. Relationships are a married couple examples of a kind of satin and cartoons on the organization of family life.

Australian female Gastric-brooding frog frog swallows deferred eggs. Tadpoles and frogs develop in the stomach and mother are released through the mouth. For a period of gestation digestive tract completely shuts down. Male black frog Rhinodermatidae captures eggs laid by the females mouth and sends it to his throat pouch, which grow embryos. By the end of the formation of embryos, they break the bonds between the tissue and through the mouth to get outside. Eggs hatch male emperor penguin, holding a single egg in the legs fold in the abdominal part of the body. During gestation, they do not eat and lose up to 40% of its weight. Australian bowerbird, from the category of passerine order on earth shalashika marriage, stands a skilled designer to attract females. He decorates the marriage bed of flowers, pollen, stolen from people with bright trinkets. However, achieving success, he immediately leaves the female to find new fans. Mutual development in nature even at the level of single-celled organisms. If the two daughter cells amoeba formed in fission can not be torn ligament, wedged in between the third amoeba and helps them.

Can such a skill to develop as a result of evolution? African fish notobranhius lives in permanent and ephemeral ponds. Her eggs are designed as a "thinking" subjects with through development programs ranging from 17 days to 8 months with the possibility of multiple delay-preservation. In deep-sea fish gimantolofa female weight is 5,000 times greater than the weight of the male. Pairing procedure is to ensure that the male sharp teeth bites into the skin of the female. His eyes and intestines stop functioning, leaving only the gill openings. It eats at the expense of the female through the blood vessels, which are becoming common. Consent females on such a bloody affair indicates the presence of two interrelated components in a single genetic program. The fish-bait anglers have only females. Males in the background meter females have a size of 2-4 cm and feed on their body. Female tarantula twice the male and when she is on duty in the trap. Male, when he finds a female, pumps semen into the front foot serving as a hand, and passes. The female hides the contents in store, and then she fertilizes the egg. Male, after this step, the friendly with his hand, or it eats, or at best chase.

Unique in its magnitude and diversity of natural processes content confirms, in our view, the idea of ​​Lomonosov about what nature is a kind of authentic message of God in our three-dimensional world. Everything that has been created on the ground, created in the name and for the good of man as God's deputy on earth. This is evidenced by the etymology of the word at-a-kind. Indeed, in nature we can find everything you need for the human race, if we do not destroy their own hands that given to us by God. To position itself as an integral part of nature, not to try to conquer it - these are the basic qualities that create the preconditions for the Man - Reasonable.

Let us to denote the field for discussion. Factors determining the health status of people have been well studied and medicine among these factors is not the first place. Ahead there are a variety of social and environmental conditions of the habitat, as well as a healthy lifestyle, which from a practical point of view, the most important are nutrition, physical activity, sleep and recovery, and ensuring a balanced state of mind.

Since physical activity, work on the psyche, and the subsequent active internal processes of recovery sleep and require a certain level is high enough functioning of the body, again, from a practical point of view, pre-optimization of supply is a basic step with which most often have to start rehabilitation program. The importance of this is confirmed by the traditional system of healing. For example, at the very beginning on the first basic steps (Yama and Niyama) Hatha yoga followers immediately, together with the correction of thoughts and actions, proposed the simultaneous improvement and strengthening of the body with the help of clear and profound nutritional advice, and it is still before the any exercise.

Starting from below, it is, and taking into account the fact that the issues of proper nutrition is one of the most confusing topics in the debate on health, we consider it necessary to speak out and clarify some aspects of the topic.

Chapter One: Nutrition and Health

"I alone differ from others in that it can see the basis in food."

Lao Tzy, "Tao De Ching"

Section One

"Vegetarian does not hold, sir. Is omelette with ham."

Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, "The Twelve Chairs"

In the issue of optimal nutrition there are many possible ways of analyzing and providing an answer. We propose to take up this issue in terms of preference for food products of plant and animal origin. Let's try to answer the question: In general, if one of these two options more correct in terms of improving people's health and what to do have proof?

Our answer is that the food products of plant origin is preferred, if the task is to optimize the level of health. Why do we believe? From a scientific point of view, the most tangible proof of this statement can be considered a so-called "China Study" ("The China Study"), jointly conducted by Cornell University, Oxford, and the Chinese government, including and led by T. Colin Campbell (T. Colin Campbell), who later popularized the study in his book. This study, by the way one of the largest in the number of people surveyed have ever conducted in the world, to study the effect of different types of food on human health. One of the most important results of this work was to investigate the dependence of chronic diseases, including cancer, the amount of food of animal origin.

There are different ways to apply the results of this study, but because, firstly, alternative studies of similar level and asserting the opposite point of view, there is simply no. And secondly, in addition, from our point of view, interest is the fact that the US President, Bill Clinton, an avid meat-eater, as a result of familiarization with the results of this work, was no less ardent vegetarian, what he says in an interview CNN, which you, too, can be found here:

In Russia today, determined adept and unquestionable authority involved in promoting the idea of a vegetarian diet is Marwa Vagarshakovna Ohanian, physician and biochemist, PhD. Based apparently on the one hand on the withdrawal of Soviet medical school in Endoecology and combining this knowledge with experience traditional naturoppatii Vagarshakovna Marwa, in his lectures rather describes in detail the processes occurring in the human body when feeding food of plant and animal origin:

From a historical perspective, vegetarianism, sooner or later come to many famous men of old, such as Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Gregory pan, and modernity, such as Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney), Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), and even an infamous heavyweight boxer like Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson).

By the way, once we note that the arguments of the type "travoedy frail" and "to be a strong person needs to eat meat" does not stand up to scrutiny. Many vegetarians have an enviable endurance, such as our friends, marathoner from Slovenia, or Canadian Andrew Kladar, which ran for fun (officially registered) 100 miles in less than 12 hours. Recently, she informed us that has already started preparing for the new race in June, this time without stopping for 100 miles. There are many examples, and here we give only a few more: Michael Arnstein (Michael Arnstein), Durianrayder (Durianrider), and numerous vegetarian bodybuilders.

In addition to endurance, certainties positive impact of vegetarian food on longevity and appeal rights. There are many examples, such as Aneta Larkins (Annette Larkins), Mimi Kirk (Mimi Kirk), Jack LaLanne (Jack LaLanne), or Jim Morris (Jim Morris). In fact, so many examples that it would be difficult to bring them all in one article and we will look for more information to readers themselves.

Note, our task is not an attempt to criticize our opponents. On the contrary, we invite them to debate with interest and consider any interesting facts and opinions. But in our opinion, the positive affects vegetarinskogo power are difficult voidable, though certainly much more to be learned. We welcome thoughtful and inquisitive reader to draw conclusions and make an informed personal decision.

Therefore, based on the above described, as well as taking into account the significant personal experience, we believe that a well-organized vegetarian diet is the best for the people. In any case, it can in no way be considered deficient or defective. Even some fairly conservative organizations like Dietetic Association USA and Canada, clearly state that "a properly planned vegetarian diet is healthy, adequate in terms of nutritional value, and contributes to the prevention and treatment of certain diseases" at all stages of life for adults, pregnant women, children , the elderly and also for athletes.

As noted above, carefully selected vegetarian diet not only helps to preserve health and longevity, but also can be used effectively for the treatment of diseases. In particular, in our opinion, is traditionally considered to be incurable. Such as chronic degenerative diseases, cancer, including diseases of the mind, which has a lot of substantial evidence. Such evidence already have and continue to accumulate at a tremendous speed, and sooner or later lead to a significant change in outlook in this area. But first, let's try to answer and clarify what is properly organized vegetarian food and what its characteristics and parameters.

Here it should be noted: properly planned vegetarian diet can bring a lot of damage and need to be very careful and cautious. What is the actual reason that some people on a vegetarian diet is obtained excellent results, while others bring themselves to utter exhaustion and even die?

Very often, the reason is the disparity between supply other parameters and characteristics of human life. For example, the daily diet of Olympic champion Michael Felbsa (Michael Phelps) is about 12,000 calories. The same amount of food an ordinary man (under normal 2,500 calories) will lead to health problems and are likely to need for urgent medical attention. By the way, it's not just in the energy costavlyaet diet. We do not accidentally gave the example of Michael Felbsa diet, and used it as a negative example of the power. In our opinion it is due to the wrong qualitative composition of its diet and linked health problems and drug abuse experienced by Michael.

Therefore, to choose the right food, some people achieve good results, while others can not achieve anything positive in spite of great efforts. Sometimes tragic examples of the use of his own detriment this very effective method of healing make exercise a lot of caution. For example, here is a frutarian who tries to live by the principle "from the flower power", or already quite tragic incident which happened with Jeremy Gillitzer:

Such cases make relates to all of this very seriously and responsibly. In any case is not admissible lightweight relation to the statements on this subject, and informed advice that is unfortunately very often heard on all sides of many so-called "gurus" who are engaged in the promotion of their methods of vegetarianism and raw food diet, and often bring a lot of damage, Even with good intentions. By the way, this is why we urge all very attentive to any theories of power, and always critical of the perception of any information, including to that described in this article.

But to give and not to use the life-giving force of vegetarianism and raw food diet even for such terrible examples, it is impossible. This is the same as the child of the font splash with water. You just need to take responsibility for the subject matter, all carefully study and apply the correct methods and approaches based on knowledge and skills.

On these issues, as well as some of the other related to the specifics and parameters that must be considered and followed for optimal vegetarian diet, and we'll talk in the next section.

Section Two

"For every complex problem there is an answer clear, simple, and wrong."

Henry Mencken

There are plenty of "schools" of vegetarian food with very diverse, and often contradictory ways to answer the question of what a healthy vegetarian diet. Some, for example, it is advised to eat only fresh fruit, while others argue that contrary samoetsennoe food is nuts, seeds and vegetables, and fruits in general are harmful to health, and should be avoided.

Untrained person is sometimes very difficult to understand all the intricacies of the information and determine what is really useful and potentially harmful. And so it is no coincidence, the results of our analyzes showed that a huge number of people trying to go to a vegetarian diet does not succeed, and about half of them returned for 3-6 months to his previous way of eating. Failure rate when trying to transition to raw food diet is even higher, and we estimate is somewhere on the level between 95-99%. Why is this happening? In short, the main reason is poor understanding of the specifics of the best vegetarian food and proper planning. In order to understand how to go on a vegetarian diet and how to optimize it, you must first answer the question of what are the main parameters of healthy eating exist at all, and from which they depend.

Besides energy adequacy (sufficient calories) adequate power must also ensure a balanced flow of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins), micro nutrients (vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, so-called spectrum essential substances, amino acids and fatty acids, and other substances), as well as fiber and water. The method of food consumption (fresh products or heat-treated) also depends much. For example, the content of some nutrient in raw and cooked foods may be the same or similar, and other nutrients differ. This must be considered when planning a nutrition program. For example, the amount of trace elements (calcium, magnesium) in raw and cooked food can practically do not differ, but their bioavailability and activity may reduce significantly due to the deactivation of the enzymes that promote the absorption of these elements. How important is it can show an example: a man can not long survive eating raw potatoes and boiled eggs, but will live long in the boiled potatoes and raw eggs. It would seem that cover those products, but in practice the difference is huge.

In this paper, we aim to put forward some of our special food system, but instead try on the basis of the analysis and synthesis of existing knowledge and ways to show the way of planning a vegetarian diet, adequate goals (eg, to cure disease or to achieve sports results) . Immediately make a reservation, athletic achievements, we believe those that are based on the optimal functioning of a healthy body, but not those that are "squeezed out" of doping and lead to disease and early death.

After many years of studying the topic, and the analysis and synthesis of various theories of vegetarian food, it seems to us that the most convenient way to visualize the full range of existing methods of vegetarian food is to portray it through the prism of the two most important from our point of view parameters: the first - is the predominant macro nutrient composition of foods, and the second - the ratio of raw and processed foods in the diet. This is illustrated below in the form of a graph, matrix different types of vegetarian food. Necessary explanations follow the figure.

Thus, from a practical point of view, all vegetarian diets can be divided into two groups: a diet with a predominance of primary carbohydrate diet and with preferential predominance of fat. All the others are transitional between these two types, that is mixed. By the way, once we note that located in the heart of the mixed vegetarian food, in this case most likely can not be considered kkakoy a golden mean, and in our humble opinion has a number of serious shortcomings, although it has a large number of advantages compared to conventional power system with a high content of animal products.

Here are some explanations to this schedule. Firstly, the position on the chart skhematicheskioboznacheno most common in the world of the theory of optimal vegetarian food. From left to right shows the increase in percentage of raw foods in the diet, and the percentage increase in upward carbohydrate content (in relation to fat). In the ovals are groups of similar schools. Such techniques doctors Neil Bernard Caldwell Esselstina and John MasDugala very similar, and their essence is plant-based diet with a relatively high prevalence of carbohydrates and relatively low raw food (prevalence of heat-treated).

So, two poles: preobladatelno carbohydrate or fat preobladatelno food. But, one might ask, what about a "protein" diets? Note that the vegetable protein foods dominated almost nonexistent. The so-called "protein" diets are actually high-fat, what can easily make at-least in this sample. Macro composition of walnut, which is considered to be a product with a high protein content is as follows: 9% carbohydrate, 83% fat and 8% protein. That is obvious predominance of fat. For comparison, the percentage of protein in 15% oatmeal, which is almost two times higher than in the nuts, but it is preferably not a protein, and carbohydrate foods.

A detailed analysis of the benefits of carbohydrate and fat diet is not the intent of this work, so just mention what we consider high-carbohydrate meals preferred in most cases. Attempts to use high-fat diets, including vegetarian, to treat and prevent being constantly and repeatedly are positive examples of their use, such as weight loss, or to attempt the relief of epilepsy. But some positive power of this type does not consider, in our opinion of their negative aspects such as the toxic products of metabolism for the body or the lack of power in this type of so-called "explosive" muscle strength. By the way, that's why some football teams top echelon in the contract limit the level of consumption of certain foods their players during training and performances (eg no more than 100 grams of meat per day). And so, despite the fact that the whole civilization living on the "fat" type food many millennia (eg peoples of the Far North and some traditional American Indian group), we believe that the benefits of carbohydrate type food and undeniable example of this is the prevalence of this type of power supply in many of the most developed civilizations of Africa, Europe, Asia and America. If you look to the future, we believe that it for those civilizations, who can find the correct answer to the question of optimizing the power of their people, and here we invite all to pay attention to the many benefits of the vegetarian way of eating.

Another important parameter to be considered is quantitative (and qualitative) predominance of raw foods in the diet and their balance. Now it is very popular variety of "syroedcheskie" diet. Unfortunately, this is one of those examples where "heard a bell, but do not know where he is," and we have had to observe violations of health varying degrees of misuse of the power of the method.

Multiple "guru", both in Russia and abroad, trying by their example to convince his followers, but the results in most cases, deplorable and many people instead of improve their health, often take on new challenges, and besides disappointed in this truly life-giving supply method. Most often, the problem is that no "teacher" or "students" do not understand the specifics of the transition to the system power. It's like as if a professional climber called lovers from the height of Mount Everest, "Hey, takes over here, it's so easy!" Not surprisingly, many fail, it is in the transition. In fact, this transition requires hard work and patience (1-3 years), but the result is worth it, what's the most you can be sure.

To transition was smooth and painless should be observed for at least a few basic principles. One of them consists in that the raw food diet can be to a full and even desirable approached gradually. Atrophied internal enzyme systems of the body can not be activated very quickly, and the longer the period of inactivity was, the longer it takes to put their reactivation.

Besides, contrary to prevailing opinion, with the right balance of diet, even with a fairly high content of thermally processed foods can be quite effective, even in the treatment of degenerative diseases, including cancer (such as by the method demonstrates the power Gerson). A sufficient amount of raw food is absolutely necessary but, especially in the beginning, probably not worth the effort to just mindlessly copying the experience of those who have already achieved certain results. Also missing is an understanding that during the transition, a huge amount of food and its active elements used for the recovery processes of cells and tissues, as well as replenish depleted stocks of years of malnutrition, and often the required amount of nutrients greatly underestimated, especially its active elements, such as enzymes. From a practical point of view, it can sometimes seem like a "Jordania" and may even scare unprepared person.

Among all these theories, deserves special attention theory syroedcheskogo adequate supply of Academician Aleksandr Mikhailovich Ugolev. At its core are concepts such as food samoperivarivanie by their own enzymes (autolysis), symbiotic synthesis of nutrients by bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract, and some other concepts. Microorganisms are very powerful system able to compensate for the lack of some essential nutrients. Here it should be noted that despite the fact that many of the so-called essential compounds (such as amino acids and vitamins) can indeed be synthesized by microorganisms living in the body, the selection of adequate power is necessary nevertheless. For example, vitamin B12 can form a certain type of bacteria, but this requires the presence of cobalt in the diet. This process has limitations, for example, for all its power, micro-organisms can not be compensated mainly fat type of food and its need to balance the selection of certain foods. Unfortunately, quite frankly, academically and methodically Dana theme at the level of practical methods so far no one has not seriously engaged. And so in the future we must expect much more interesting and unexpected discoveries. And such pioneers as Academician coal, of course deserve our immense gratitude and respect for their work.

To conclude this section we note that in our opinion, the whole syroedchesky vegetarian type of food with a high prevalence of carbohydrates is the best for the human body. This type of food can not only maintain a state of health at a high level, but also helps to get rid of a lot of, including a very serious, diseases. The transition to this type of power requires certain knowledge and skills. Some prakticheskihaspektah transition and maintain this type of food in the wild, as well as its use in the treatment of diseases and we'll talk in the following sections.

Section Three

"Slowly, slowly crawl, snail, on the slope of Mount Fuji up to the top."

Kobayashi Issa

How to eat vegetarian at the way food? How, when and what foods should be consumed, and what foods should be avoided vice versa? Why some people are going to feel fine vegetarian, improve their health, gain new strength and endurance, to get rid of various diseases, and other people on the contrary weaken, make a bunch of new health problems, often even that is not fully aware of, and very often return to its usual diet? What is it that the success of the transition to a vegetarian diet? Do I need to pick up some special program for such a transition, or you can just eat what is necessary, if only it was a plant food?

Based on the analysis of observations of a large number of attempts to move, often unsuccessfully, to a vegetarian diet, and especially on the raw food diet, in this section we will try to lead our response to these and other questions. In general, the essence of our answer is that the main parameter which determines the answer to all the above listed issues is setting matching the characteristics of the power to the base, or the start of the body of a man who goes on a vegetarian or raw food diet. The more exhausted internal reserves, the more important it will be to restore provide all the needs, some of which later disappear as unnecessary. Therefore, nutrition transition and supporting food after may very greatly vary both in their quantitative and qualitative characteristics. This is the essence which is very important to understand. Everything else, though it is also very important, but still essentially is just details.

To succeed, negligence is not appropriate in this case, and properly chosen diet program, here is absolutely necessary. Sometimes the selection of such a program is intuitive by the same person making the transition, or some of his advisers and then we can see many "miraculous" cases a smooth transition, often accompanied by getting rid of some health problems. But more often we are witnessing a man throwing from side to side, from one product group to another, from one method to another, from one guru to another. "Cleansing" are replaced by starvation, abnormal fasting often leads to subsequent grazing, but then it turns out, not those products. As a result, these often end up throwing in the best case, just back to the previous way of eating that is often accompanied by the appearance of some of something special type of bitterness to the very idea of ​​vegetarianism, "That's how it is that I have summarized below the monastery, it is vegetarian, I hate it, and I will be rolled away meat-eater." In fact it is again, "For evil mother frostbitten ears" Unfortunately, such attempts thoughtless transition to vegetarianism often it is accompanied by the appearance of new additional health problems, as well as the development of an uncertain attitude to life, and sometimes fatal cases. Such cases occur not only in the self-transition to vegetarianism, but even under the supervision of recognized luminaries, such as in the case described here, .

The transition process requires at-least some idea of ​​the goals, objectives and methods. Let's try to explain it in more detail in the following example. Imagine two villages: one prosperous, and more rundown. In an excellent road, running businesses, public utilities, schools, theaters, all qualitatively constructed and repaired. There are stores, and shopping, and transport functioning businesses pay taxes and support other industries. There is also a healthy and training of the population, workers and personnel management, prepared a communication system, as well as in the village has the necessary reserves and resources for all sorts of contingencies. And in another village just do not. Things fall apart, or built poorly, people tired and angry, thriving underworld, management does not work, and there are no reserves. Presented? So, is not difficult to continue this thought experiment and imagine what will happen if we try to translate these two villages on a new type of supply of various types of raw materials (in our analogy with the human body, a new type of food). In order to bring these two villages to the same good standard of living arrangement to which the village take a lot more different kinds of raw materials as well as its quantity? Is not it obvious that the backward village will require at times or even ten times more resources (nutrients) only to leave at some average level? Try to average deliveries to these two types of settlements, bring them to some kind of common denominator, only lead to a total collapse. Thus it is necessary to take into account the fact that any one type of raw material even in a backward village may be in excess, such as some species of fossil ore is the raw material used but can done only when there are many other raw materials, as well as the necessary production facilities and frames.

Also in the human body, for example, quite often there is an excess of one type "raw" (fat mass), but the lack of adequate resources for its use and disposal (eg muscle mass with its enzymatic capacity). So you need to very finely assess and address the resource and functional condition of the body in order to pick up an adequate program of transition supply. There are methods for assessing the functional state of the organism, but in practice they are used poorly. Why, it's a different story. But often, in appearance and some basic results of the study to distinguish the level of functional state is difficult even for a specialist. But in practice, if the situation is not running, it is often not required, using various techniques, you can achieve good results even without of profound evaluation of the functioning of the body. But a certain caution is required, especially in the transition period. Again, here as similar to the village, when the time comes when the supply of energy, raw materials and other resources can be reduced after earn their own businesses, to accumulate reserves, but everyone understands that this is a long process and you need patience. But that's why the argument that puny and small need to eat a little, and a lot of big and healthy, often do not work.

So, firstly, I agree with the statement that the process of transition to a vegetarian diet and raw food as possible need to hold long enough. In middle-aged people, according to our observations, this transition may last from one to three years. One measure should not be here, and it depends on what you had to restore, and there is no secret that the nervous system (similar to selenium, control system) requires specific deadlines and resources for its development.

What are the resources necessary to provide the body? First energy, and in our view as we have briefly discussed in the previous section, carbohydrates are the preferred fats or proteins as an energy source. Further needed "building materials": amino acids, fatty acids, or elements for their synthesis, as well as minerals and other reference compounds. Also necessary "tools" to use these building materials: enzymes and vitamins. You need to configure the system and transport and allocation system, and, I must clearly understand that if the energy and many of the "building materials" the body is easier to digest treated (cooked) food, the "tools" are only raw food, and destroyed by heat treatment. What is the use in the village of cement and bricks, when there are no concrete mixers and cranes? Also in the body without enzymes minerals often dead load. This is one reason why the consumption of dairy products such as supersaturated with calcium does not lead to good bone mineralization, calcium itself useless, particularly acidulation body.

And so, especially at the beginning of the transition, while the organism, which for many years did not produce its own "tools" and have forgotten how to do it, we have to supply them in large quantities. By the way, it should be understood that since the absorption of nutrients, especially of crude fiber food is also very expensive process, it first has to use tricks such as a partial or complete food juices to saturate the body.

At the same time, a very important question becomes the proper selection of foods. From a practical point of view, try to give an example of the diet transition to a middle-aged man, without any health problems. Here we must mention that in general we agree with the grade "seriousness" of chronic diseases on the scales that are used for example in Endoecology or homotoxicologic. On this scale, for example, inflammatory diseases (such as gastritis, arthritis) appear on the stage prior to degenerative or dystrophic diseases (eg such as multiple sclerosis or cancer). And so, when we are talking about a relatively healthy person, we mean the absence of a person pronounced inflammatory, but especially degenerative or dystrophic diseases. In this case, we can talk about the transition to a vegetarian and syroedcheskoe power to prevent. When such diseases are present, it is necessary to talk about the treatment of food, and this we will be considered in the next section. So, how to eat a man of middle age, who (or which) is fed to move to the previous "normal" food from the supermarket?

The first thing one needs to define the basic food groups and the basic principles of their use. Will not discuss all sorts of exotic cases or those lucky ones who live in tropical climates, as somewhere like India or the Caribbean, and have the opportunity to enjoy all year round in several crops of tropical fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as quite important, regular income Solar energy. We will pay special attention to nutrition in the middle zone, say in places where you need to heat their homes an average of 6 months of the year. In addition a separate topic of conversation is the preferred food products that grow in areas inhabited by humans. But even without this factor, but just from a practical standpoint, it is much easier and cheaper to eat local food, if desired, and the possibility of adding imported, including various exotic fruits.

Here is a sample of a minimum set of local products median strip on which we would recommend to pay attention to: carrots, apples, pears, potatoes, beets, grains of buckwheat and wheat, lettuce and green stuff, roots and leaves of celery, onions, cabbage, including including broccoli and cauliflower, red peppers and turnips. In principle, a set of products and enough of it, you can create a diet for people with different needs, but we must learn to respect certain principles and rules of supply.

Note that the optimal set of foods can greatly differ from time to time and place to place. For example, whether on holiday in Greece say eat the same food as the home? Of course not, and in the season there is probably better to base food fresh figs, grapes, corn, and greens. Again, the important thing is not blind adherence to dogma and understanding of the principles and rules. What are these principles and rules?

1. First, you should try whenever possible to eat whole foods, with minimal processing or treatment. As mentioned above, when a high degree of deficiency of certain types of substances in the body to fill them from whole raw food digestive capabilities of the organism may be adequate. Therefore, then we need some time to use the dedicated sub-products, such as fresh fruit and vegetable juices or cold-pressed linseed oil.

2. It is necessary to comply with the optimal balance of raw and processed foods. It is important to understand and use no weight, and the amount of energy equivalent products. For example, a dozen boiled potatoes contain more calories than a bag of lettuce, and it should be understood and taken into account.

3. Waiver of all kinds of vegetable oil (and of course butter, as well as other animal products), including sunflower, as well as others, including olive oil, which is why it is considered very useful. Note by the way, has Socrates advised to use olive oil for anointing the skin, but not for the reception inside. As mentioned above, sometimes, very rarely allowed to use linseed oil in an amount of not more than 1-2 tablespoons a day for several weeks. The reason for the need to abandon the oil is not so much in his wickedness, but the fact that when it is used very easily bring down the balance of essential nutrients. Oil - it's not just "empty" calories for the process of metabolism that is necessary to burn deficient enzymes, but it still is that oil often contain a disproportionate number of active substances, such as the ratio of omega 3-6 lead to the activation of inflammatory responses and anti-oppression processes.

4. Avoiding salt. Many, it is scary, but actually unsubscribe; Xia from this product is not as difficult as it seems and this process usually takes only ten days. In the transition to a salt-free diet can help very use of a product with a high content of sodium, such as pods celery. In general, the problem is not with the use of salt in it contains sodium, potassium and in which it is absent. In many plant products sodium and potassium present in the optimum proportions for the body, which causes over-voltage necessary body systems, including the kidneys.

Still limited to become this list of principles and rules, and some others consider in the future, as the presentation of the material.

For a set of products to the above can be added to almost any whole fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, and limited quantities some other herbal products at the same time following the principles described above. Balance products can be selected endlessly and there are even special computer programs contributing to this, some are even available for free on the Internet, such as Krohn-O-Meter. But first we would advise to learn to use the product in terms of understanding the general principles, such programs may serve as inputs. Express definitely no particular need to use these programs for the average user is not, and can do without them, although professionals or people who want to deeply understand these issues, they can be useful.

By the way, if you look carefully and examine the list of required base products The above, it is not difficult to notice that most of the products available from it is usually in the summer and winter, with some exceptions. Some relative lack of winter foods such as lettuce and other greens can be filled in at least three ways. First, the maximum saturation of the body of these products in the summer-autumn period. Second, in the absence of fresh greens, you can use dried and finely chopped greens, for example in the form of dietary supplements. Thirdly, it is possible to develop new processes for the production of these products in the greenhouse, including winter. But in any case, if the body is saturated with an abundance of summer and autumn, the winter and spring are transferred quite easily, especially if you had been shown a certain degree of seasonal planning and preparation. Here you can also notice that from our own experience, the feelings, summer and autumn, when a lot of variety of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, always perceived internally as the season of plenty. By then the above products are added, or they are replaced by others, eg raspberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, cherries, apricots, plums, early varieties of apples and pears, various greens, pumpkins, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green onions, spices, wild herbs, as well as many other plants and their fruits. But even in the winter does not have to limit yourself too much, especially if there is at least some additions of imported products such as bananas and citrus fruits.

Culinary aspects of the food we especially shall not affect, but readers in any case there is no doubt, "Will there be all this delicious?" And we can assure that all taste qualities of this way of eating only increase significantly compared to the conventional. Appetite in fact is not only in food and products, but within us. Remember how delicious products seem to be the most common in nature, such as an ordinary piece of rye bread with cucumber, and in fact sometimes even the most exquisite dishes are not encouraging, for example, when a person is sick. If desired, of the easiest foods can be cooked a huge number of famous and not so famous, but very tasty dishes, including local recipes and recipes from various distant and near countries of the world. There are many forums on the internet where these issues are being discussed and where people share their experiences, including cooking. But we must remember about respecting the above rules and principles, and try to apply them correctly.

Simple tips on going to a vegetarian diet can be considered as follows: start with 50 to 50 raw and cooked products, the number of calories. If you want to achieve a balance, use fresh juices (eg, carrot, apple, juice of green salad with the addition of other greens). Cook those foods that will be used is not raw, preferably steamed or in the oven. Over time, gradually increase the ratio of raw foods to cooked. In addition to knowledge and skills, you will also need some degree of intuition, but remember, the process should not be painful. Yes, some inconvenience may arise from time to time, but only briefly. Strong discomfort should not be. If you have to really strain, or if there are failures in the previous products that something goes wrong. Stay consult and correct the situation, most difficult for those who have a serious illness already exists, then the difficulty increases significantly. By the way this is one of the reasons because of which should begin the transition process the sooner the better. It's not just words, to prevent illness is much easier than its cure, and the risks increase exponentially as with progression of the disease. On some aspects of how to use a vegetarian diet for the treatment of diseases and we'll talk in the next section.

Section Four

"Let thy food will be your medicine, and thy medicine be your food."


When any system of knowledge or generally accepted system of thought is becoming obsolete, when it comes time to replace it with another, more progressive and appropriate reality, this transition may last for centuries. This transition may be accompanied by dramatic events and rarely simple. In general, there are only two ways of replacing the old system to the new ideas. The first method is to use a long and persistent critics of the foundations of the old system, exposure of its shortcomings, when given arguments "against" and shows why the old system is bad and where it does not work. Another way opposite to the first. He is trying to presentation of an alternative way of thinking, without destroying the old one. And at the same time, more concise than the new wording, and the clearer it is, the more her chances of success in winning people's minds. So there is a change of epochs.

We believe that the existing system of common knowledge about health, diseases and their treatment has long been very outdated and completely inadequate to reality. And there were many attempts to destroy it, but the main argument seems to us that have been used "against", to destruction. We want to choose the second way to replace outlook "positive", and so we offer no criticism of the existing system of thought, and a new system that offers an alternative view on the issues of health, illness and treatment. Our attempt is not the first and in some ways, our views are similar and contain the postulates of various alternative theories of medicine, though in many respects they are significantly different from them. It would be possible to bring in-depth analysis of these theories, their strengths and weaknesses, but it's not our problem. We decided not to go into a cumbersome analysis but simply to present the results of synthesis as the most important tenet of the new system of knowledge about health and healthy eating, one of its main cornerstone. You have to understand that we certainly rely on the thoughts of many of our predecessors and contemporaries working in this field. Here we only list them, and that, unfortunately, not all, but only some, 'cause there was not enough space. So, in our analytic-synthetic research in the construction of the system of knowledge, we are deeply studied the thought and work in the field Endoecology and other related areas, such as scientists YI Borodin, Y. Levin, D. Zerbino . We have studied in detail the practical treatment program MV Ohanian theory homotoxicologic experience N. Barnard, D. McDougall, D. Graham, Dr. M. Gerson, R. Morse, and many many others. In particular, we studied the classic work in the field of medicine and naturopathy. And many of the elements of these works are used as the building blocks of the belief system that we want to bring to the attention of the reader.

What is the essence and peculiarity of our views on health, development of the disease and its treatment? Let's try to summarize it here.

A huge number of so-called "diseases of civilization" person associated with this discrepancy supply domestic needs of the organism. Thousands of items of modern chronic diseases that surround us actually develop in a person is not chaotic, and follow a strict system of the emergence and development. As mentioned, most often in modern society cause of these diseases is inadequate nutrition. Only relatively rare disease is the main cause of poisoning of water and air, the presence of infectious agents or injury. The predominance of nutrient-poor food preparation and lack of nutrient-rich live raw food is one of the main reasons.

As a rule, the development of the pathological process in the beginning there are a variety of inflammatory conditions, which in many cases people just do not pay attention, and can even completely ignore when the process of developing deep inside and comes out in the early stages. Any gastritis, pneumonia, sore throats, allergies, myositis, pain, chronic fatigue, depression, are examples of this. Yes, we agreed, namely depression, in which the development of deep brain inflammation is an important factor, and even meynstrimovkaya medicine confirms the link between inflammation and depression. In addition it should be understood that many of the so-called benign polyps, fibroids, papilloma, it's essentially the same inflammatory processes. And the purpose of this inflammation is very simple: to recycle and remove those not digested products formed by the use of cooked food, which is often simply densely decomposes in the body. Where this process is the most active and causes the development of certain symptoms. Hence pus and mucus that often accompany these diseases, and can be allocated from almost all places in the human body.

The next stage is dominated by degenerative processes, which may be accompanied by such internal or external ulceration, and are accompanied by an even greater weakening of organ function (cardiac arrhythmia, nervous weakness and paralysis). It is important to understand that we are dealing with the same process as in the first stage, only more developed. In this case, calling the process name of another diagnosis essentially does not change. Since chronic angina can be transformed into multiple sclerosis, arthritis deformans gastritis in the joints, and the like. Often the culmination of this process is the development of cancer. Of course, other factors (trauma, toxins) can lead to the development of the disease. But as said the relative weight of these factors in the development of "diseases of civilization" relatively small, according to our estimates of 5 to 10% of all diseases.

An interesting situation with so-called infectious diseases. We argue that their development is possible only in the body of balance in which the processes described above. The main thing to understand is that infectious organisms are usually not only, or even mainly, the enemies of the human body, as is usually assumed, and try to get rid of them by any means. But in our opinion the most microorganisms are our helpers. In this regard, interesting experience traditional cancer treatment some northern peoples. Known methods of healing from cancer of the blood (leukemia) with the help of rotten seal meat! Note in this case, we use apples and carrots at the same time seems to be the preferred method and tasty:-). But back to our subject, with accumulation in the body "deposits" undigested waste, namely microorganisms can and often act as cleaners, helps get rid of these harmful sub-products of metabolism. Therefore, usually pathological processes in infectious diseases is the essence of the back of the display only sanologicheskih (cleaning) processes.

It is important to understand that the "modern" food usually leads to two negative results at once: first to the accumulation of some substances in excess (that turn into fat tissue, mucus starches, proteins and fats or pus), and secondly to a relative, and often and the absolute lack many of the active compounds required to be collected from food (enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins). As discussed in the previous section, without the "tools" raw material becomes only trash.

At its core, supporting or preventive nutrition described above, and treatment, food nothing special no different. The main difference is usually the need for greater balance in favor of active living products. But as experience shows, for example, Dr. M. Gerson, often cooked food once just abandon it is not necessary, the body is not ready yet and then it takes time and skill. And another very important aspect: for the successful treatment of very adequately provide two processes, which run in parallel. The first process is to cleanse the body from decay products, many people remember about him, and all sorts of make-up techniques "cleansing" on the Internet abound. But most people forget, and it is a serious problem, the vital importance of recovery. Unfortunately the second aspect is very often ignored, and the results are grim. Many of the "enthusiasts" sometimes so clean-up your body, forgetting to replenish the supply of nutrients, which often occurs with severe depletion of fatal cases. We must always remember that especially in the early stages of recovery, there is a need for a large, sometimes it seems huge, the amount of food and nutrients. For example, the same Dr. Gerson recommends the use of more than ten glasses of fresh juice a day, carrot juice and juice greens received for several years. The process of simultaneous cleaning and restoration of the body in something reminiscent repair the aircraft during the flight, not the easiest thing that requires certain skills and attention.

Many examples of applications and different techniques exist, such as the successful weight loss and getting rid of many diseases on food juices (such as here or here). But we must remember that rush headlong into the maelstrom should not, can seriously damage health. In our opinion, this method is very strong, but it has disadvantages (eg high glycemic index used juice) and it should be taken into account and compensate accordingly.

We did not aim to answer all possible questions, or even put all the issues relating to a vegetarian diet. For example, the widely discussed issue of lack of vitamin B12, one of the possible answers which gives such D. MacDougall. We do not always fully agree with the opinion of other specialists, but it certainly deserves careful attention and consideration. We only note that if in theory there are a lot of issues, in practice many of these problems are solved quickly and easily.

Another question that would like to respond briefly here: whether to use wheat germ? We believe that in its nutritional and energy performance of this product is very similar to green salads and other green stuff. This is evident even in comparison palatability of these two types of products, and macro and micro nutrient compositions. Therefore, especially in winter when the foliage is often lacking in the diet, wheat germ can, and successfully used by many. Note that a completely separate conversation deserves treatment greens and herbs. In short, usually this type of plants contain compounds that having its own special topizm to certain organs (eg, field horsetail has topizm mainly to the kidneys), provide "evacuation" of waste products. By the way, bowel cleansing methods used in different techniques, in our opinion is often unnecessary and sometimes harmful. Greater preference in our opinion deserves the use of fiber. Cellulose, unlike intestinal lavages and the absorbent has a function which is present at various levels of the digestive tract and enhances motility which strengthens it and smooth muscles. Sometimes it is preferable to disable motility, such as in cases of exhaustion, but it is in our opinion the special cases. By the way, there are even more exotic treatments that we do not support. Such as for example the use of various probiotics sophisticated and even worms known as helminths or "fecal transplants" for the treatment of eating disorders and other chronic diseases. In our opinion, these exactly unnecessary, at least in most cases.

In contrast to these unnecessary measures, some of which may once and find some practical applications, today there are many widely studied treatments for vegetarian diet food. For example, a school of N. Barnard describes in detail the methods of treatment of age-related diabetes (second type) low-fat plant-based nutrition, and the treatment time is quite short, about eight weeks. Similar programs have been created for cardiovascular disease (D. MacDougall and K. Eselstin). At least studied or very little studied from a scientific point of view, techniques for degenerative diseases, including cancer (M. Gerson technique or R. Morse). Although some of this group of diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease the situation is much better studied. Note, if used correctly can achieve good results, not only for physical illness, but also for mental diseases (eg depresivno-anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions).

In supplement to the diet therapy can and should use adequate therapy movement, as well as the right to intensify the processes of recovery and sleep. To do this, there are both very ancient techniques (eg Yoga Nidra, Yoga sleep in translation) and modern methods (eg developments somnology, or sleep medicine, chronotherapy studying temporal ordering of physiological and pathological processes). In general, if the use of methods of treatment of nutrition, movement, rehabilitation, including psychological, would be implemented throughout the home and work environment, as well as in outpatient, inpatient and sanatorium institutions, it is, together with the compound of practical experience treatment and research work, would radically change the situation in the field of health.

Chapter Two: Movement and Health

Everyone is familiar with the expression: the movement - this is life. Everyone knows that there are different types of movements that are very diverse in nature and character, intensity, strength, speed, duration, and amplitude. For example, both sprinter and ultra-marathoner, both involved in running, but the first makes it a breakthrough, reaching outside the border for a possible human speed for only about 10-20 seconds, and the second, although it runs relatively slowly, but during the continuous race for 24 hours or sometimes even longer, closer to the boundaries of endurance available to man.

On the other hand, it is not difficult to see that each type of physical activity (or lack thereof), which deals with every single person imposes certain imprint on its external appearance, starting with posture and ending with different body proportions. Compare for example, the flexibility of a gymnast and massive weightlifter, or thin body yoga with massive muscles bodybuilder. And the differences are not only external but also internal, including those that define the backup physiological state of different organs and body systems.

Thus it turns out that the characteristics of exercise dealt with people, how would sharpen it under perform various tasks and programs. And it is important to understand. that opportunities for the so-called cross fitness, when one and the same person can perform different tasks and programs in practice quite limited. For example, one and the same person can not run with the same success and 100 metrovke, and at a distance of 800 meters, and the athletes have to choose one or the other. This is because the different characteristics of movement require different enzymatic and metabolic systems and directional internal physiological processes. Therefore, a large muscle mass, providing the explosive force of the muscles, which is necessary for the hundred meters, it becomes a burden and just being overweight in the longer race. In this regard, recall once heard a comment from one of the ultra-marathoners, who claimed that he clearly feels even minimal changes in lipid composition of the body, somewhere in the 1% level, and it is in his opinion quite significantly affect the results of his career. This is despite the fact that the weight in itself is relatively low, especially when compared to a normal person, and that the initial state of its percentage of adipose tissue is somewhere at the level of about 3% of total body weight.

Such complexity of the motion characteristics and the presence of many nuances that can arise when doing physical activity, lead to the fact that often the people who want to improve their health through exercise feel certain, sometimes very serious difficulties, which in turn often leads to denial of employment in general. Although this statement on his may be true for each of the four basic components of a healthy lifestyle (eating, movement, recovery and operation of the mind), but it seems that physical exercise, if I may say so, the most vulnerable to abuse by enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle. After all, it seems there may be some difficulty, just take it and move? Run, lift, accelerate, but in practice it does not look so easy. Yes, in fact, in general, all know and understand that the move is necessary. But unfortunately, our experience suggests that only a relatively few people know and can do it right, and most importantly for the benefit of their health.

In order to understand how it is our assertion is true, you need to think about what percentage of the modern, especially the urban population, though, would be engaged in some sort of regular, namely regular physical activity, on a scale larger than a movement from the refrigerator to the TV. After all, many of us, in one form or another, has been met with such a situation, when after many years of inactivity and idleness, there comes a need for a need for some kind of a particularly zealous activity, whether in the gym, then, whether on a treadmill. But unfortunately, we all know that most of such sporadic hyperactivity often takes on the force for several weeks, and usually ends with a new long period of inactivity, sometimes bringing a gift enthusiast or a serious injury that can then long to be felt, or just feeling aversion to any kind of physical training.

When thinking systematically, we can distinguish two general types of errors associated with the misapplication of exercises and movements, applied for the purposes of recovery. The first type of error is the lack of understanding of the relation between these basic factors of a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, movement, recovery and mental development), and the related importance of locomotor activity by other basic parameters. To move correctly, you must ensure proper nutrition, adequate sleep and recovery, as well as to carry out the necessary work on a permanent state of mind and spirit. It is very important to understand that under no circumstances should one try to brush all under one and the same comb, needs an individual approach. We have already mentioned that instead of the normal power supply in 2500-3000 calories sufficient common man, the Olympic champion is necessary to 12,000 calories a day, and if those calories in the diet (of course important not only their quantitative and qualitative composition) will be less than necessary , it can not by itself lead to a pathological state of overtraining. Additionally, you must clearly understand that any responsible lesson exercises, recovery is more important than the even directly themselves movements and exercises. And how important it is to have a balanced and harmonious state of mind and psyche for optimal human functioning, we hope it is clear and without any explanation. We only note that many, if not all, of the high-level athletes very seriously deal with various mental and spiritual techniques, and on this occasion often referred to autogenic training, but they are not alone.

At this point, after mentioning the professional sports, it's time to say that we in no way believe that the modern sport of high achievements is how a synonym for health. Quite the contrary. The use of body reserves depleting doping, lack of commitment to health, which is replaced by a desire to achieve results and win at any cost and in a manner and related common problems with alcohol and various other drug dependence, early disability and death, all these factors are already thoroughly analyze and describe the features of a modern sport.

In this regard, recall the statement by one of the teachers of physical education in high school, that is exercise, not sports, is the way through which health is achieved. It is difficult not to agree.

If the first type of error associated with movement and exercise, refers to various external to this very movement of factors, the second type of error is, so to speak, internal, that is directly connected with the wrong selection or execution of movements themselves. Often this is due to the complexity of the problems of understanding of the laws of motion and physiology. For example, sometimes dealing with a person puts in front of diametrically opposed, and therefore almost unattainable task, for example to develop the maximum muscle mass and thus achieve the same maximum degree of flexibility. Except to the psychological frustration this may cause, and in practice often leads to chronic injury from the effects of which people then often suffer for a long time. Here it should be noted that most of the injuries that we have in mind are not very pronounced (such as fractures or lacerations), but rather are reacting sluggishly chronic type injuries, but that their effects are no less depressing.

As we have already noted, the various types and kinds of exercises, and especially their modifications and variations, there is a huge mass that even an experienced person is not very easy to understand in all this. And the newcomer, who never specifically studied these issues very easy for the trees to see the forest, but is in the same forest and get lost. Therefore, to help novice enthusiasts here we will try to identify the main characteristics and factors of exercise in terms of their effect on the set to achieve the goal. We see that all the different movements of Tai Chi to Bobsled, you can organize the following important parameters, or combinations:

1. Increased muscle strength

2. Increase speed

3. Improved muscle endurance

4. Improved flexibility of the body

5. Creation of new programs reflex movements

Everything. We believe that these five components and make all the necessary characteristics that define the goals we want to achieve with the help of exercise. Of these components, the entire complex consists of various systems and areas, from yoga to the general physical education, to the most diverse kinds of sports disciplines, from throwing the disc to the gym, to bodybuilding, and to any general-health-improving techniques, such as for example as a method Norbekova, aerobics or any other.

Before the training, the first thing we recommend to try to imagine the result that wants to reach engaged via exercise, and only then choose the specific methods and programs. For example, if your goal is to gain muscle weight, then marathon races most likely you will not help in this, but on the contrary would lead to a kind of desiccation of the body, typical for this sport. Do not be lazy and look at the various pictures of people engaged in physical activity, good lot of them on the internet. Rate look like those people who are engaged in some kind of traffic you want to do, too. So whether you want to look like in the future? Spend some time at the beginning and it will help you avoid many unpleasant disappointments in the future.

Picking method or complex movements, proceed to practical exercises. You can do both independently and engaging with other people and instructors. Again, there is now a wealth of information on the Internet in the form of various articles, and especially video, which you can help. But we must remember that move, especially in the beginning, you need to very carefully and slowly. It is important to take into account not only the type and nature of the movements, but especially their intensity, and above these with the initial level of a charge of. If you've never played sports, do not try to run a marathon in the first week, otherwise you will be disappointed. And another thing, rather than trying to memorize a variety of forms and details of any techniques, try to understand the basic principles and then much can be understood. Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words, as for example in the graphic description of the classical sequence of movements of yoga, Surya Namaskar.

What are the principles of selection and physical exercise? A lot of them, try to note here are the most important:

Harmonious development:

Always remember antagonist muscles. If strengthens certain muscle (or group) you need to remember about balance, and do not forget to strengthen the corresponding opposite in function antagonist muscles. For example, if you all attention will be given only push-ups on his hands, then in a very short time it can lead to a certain deformation of the body, with the development of certain ugly deflection in the chest, which you yourself can be quite difficult to see. To avoid this, along with push-ups, be sure to do exercises to develop the muscles of the back, such as a bridge with back bend. In some cases, you need to opt out of certain exercises until the balance is restored.

Flexibility is important for the development of an understanding of principles of neuromuscular complex:

Slow, incremental movement for flexibility is almost always preferred fast. How Come? On this aspect, you can learn much from the study of the principles of modern physiology, as well as the study of the practices of the Queen flexibility Yoga. Modern physiology confirms that yoga known for thousands of years. The fact that in response to rapid stretching muscles unconsciously automatically triggered intense reflex mechanism preventing muscle rupture, leading to its rapid reduction. An example is the well-known around the knee-jerk reaction. Thus, instead of being stretched, during rapid motion body further clamped. On the other hand, with slow stretching of muscles, gradually at intervals of about 10-20 seconds, enough time to develop adaptation of the neuromuscular system, and therefore do not generate an abrupt and rapid spasm, which allows a much deeper stretch and work out the depth and length muscle.

Sufficient incentives for muscle growth:

Can be infinitely long train muscles, but do not be overcome certain barriers, no effect in terms of increasing strength and muscle growth since the onset may not occur. And such a signal to activate the muscle growth is usually sharply arising muscle hypoxia leads to an immediate transition to anaerobic (oxygen-free) metabolism. This is a necessary condition that is often at the organism level, especially when dealing with large groups of muscles, accompanied by the release into the blood of a certain amount of growth hormone. In terms of direct experience on the part of dealing with this transition is accompanied by the appearance of a certain burning sensation in the muscle, and the higher the intensity of the burning, the stronger the signal. Warning: Do not overdo it, trying to get more results. Remember, the inclusion of such a signal is valid only if you are confident in providing muscle recovery between workouts.

Endurance training:

For endurance training, practice as long as possible, but since a very slow pace. Despite the relatively low level of intensity perform this type of exercise, we believe it is associated with the development of a huge number of chronic traumatic injuries, damage to the so-called repetition. And if you do not pay particular attention to nutrition and recovery, it is precisely this type of exercise may be the most problematic. Therefore, especially when such sessions note maximum optimization including inflammatory characteristics of food.

The creation of new programs reflex movements:

In order to be able to easily learn new diverse and complex movements, such as the consistency and harmony of the complex movements of Tai Chi, you must first understand the principles of creating new programs reflex movements. Here we think you should pay attention to the two parameters. The first option is to deliberately slow the implementation of all new movements, which is particularly important at the beginning of training. This helps to eliminate the nerve to enforce such a motion with the reflex (automatic), the conscious level of mind and it helps digestion. The second principle concerns the relaxation. Not infrequently, from totally different instructors, we can hear advice to relax when performing any exercises or movements. We could not agree, but the main question is how to do it in practice? In order to relax during exercise, there are many ways, but from a practical point of view, the easiest and most effective way we believe is the correct use of breathing. No wonder there is an expression that without the practice of breathing (pranayama), yoga class turns into a fitness routine. So, to relax during the exercise you need to breathe comfortably and smoothly, while trying to extend the maximum exhalation. This will stimulate the parasympathetic division of the nervous system (conventionally, the vagus nerve), and will lead to active calming physiological and mental reactions. And so the new movement will be absorbed more easily. By the way, this is why proper breathing is also very helpful in meditation, especially in cases when perevozbuzhdёnnaya nervous system requires rest needed to keep up with the rapid flow of thoughts.

Our task is not to introduce the reader to the various practices of movement. Here, as they say, to his own taste not, everyone chooses what he wants. And rightly so, and in addition because performing various kinds of movements and exercises a person can experience incomparable to anything fun special muscle joy. And the acquisition of a certain experience, begin to appear different bridges connecting different and seemingly very distant from each other practices. This analysis will see and feel the most important thing are the similarities and differences that exist in some species such as yoga and interesting method advocated by Dr. Norbekova m. Over time, we hope that you too will come to their own deep and unique understanding of this important aspect of health, with which you may also want to share with all.

For a more complete presentation, we give just a few words about the so-called high-intensity exercise. From our point of view - it oboyudo a sharp sword, that with one hand provides a unique opportunity for the development of human capabilities, on the other hand is a certain danger if used incorrectly, which can lead to very serious consequences. Unfortunately, quite often the instructor who teach classes of this type, do not realize the full report that they recommend to their customers or followers. For example, systems are often recommended exercise a high degree of intensity, conducted over a relatively long period of time (about one hour). At this level of intensity, it is an incredible burden for the body even very experienced athletes. Such training even for very experienced athletes, such as Olympic champion Usain Bold, as captured on video some of his training, are often close to the threshold and under which he suffers serious physical stress (such as manifested in the form of vomiting during training). The usual, untrained people quite often can not fully bear the burden of such a level, even if it is used for only a few minutes, not to mention a whole hour's time. Furthermore, such training does not follow apply more times a week to allow the body to recover well.

And all of these restrictions have their good and objective reasons. It is important to realize that many of us can not and do not know how to properly assess the intensity of the exercise carried out by us. This leads to the fact that in the pursuit of success we usually overdoing. As already stated above, a fairly simple way to help determine the intensity and type of metabolic profile of a particular exercise program is to assess the sensations coming from the muscles of the body during exercise. When there is a specific muscle burning sensation occurs during exercise (not to be confused with a sense of the observed muscle pain after exercise), it usually indicates a transition anaerobic barrier. That is, glucose is burnt before using oxygen begins to be disposed of without the aid of oxygen in the tissue which becomes insufficient. Why is this important to understand?

The fact that such a transition from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism, glucose utilization rate of muscle glycogen increases even at times, and almost an order of magnitude. Therefore, although we may think that we have to move just a little bit faster, in fact, our physiological mechanisms may already be shifted almost to the limits of our capabilities and reach values ​​close to the maximum value. And this transition is heavily stepped, rather than gradual. Therefore, depletion of glycogen stores, and other compounds that starts to happen cosmic speed leads to a rapid drop in reserves. And that's why a sprinter can run at high speed only a few seconds, and slowly marathon, but many hours. The thing here is the type of metabolism. And this in turn affects the very quality of recovery, which is very often in such cases, inadequate stress. Therefore, if short, intense exercise is necessary to begin to carry out only for very short periods of time, and then, for example, even 5 minutes of exercise performed three times a week, may be in fact more than sufficient load, if not prohibitive, in terms of recovery. Here the principle hurry slowly takes on new deep meaning.

In conclusion, let us cite a few practical tips that seem important to us and maybe help some people, especially as it seems to us beginners. The first tip is the importance to observe their own health. If you do everything right, even in the presence of a certain level of stress associated with the performance of certain exercises, the general condition of the body and spirit must remain positive throughout the sessions and in the intervals between them. In general, do have to feel a sense of joy from classes and their privkushat. The lack of zeal for classes, or desire to engage in, often accompanied by a decrease in appetite is a common symptom accompanying overtraining. Understand that virtually every person is able to perform more movements and physical work than his ability to adequately recover. And therefore, the presence of symptoms of overtraining is usually said that the restoration of depleted reserves and the body simply can not keep up your agility moving forward. Give yourself time to recover. Among other things, overtraining can also be provoked and simple qualitative and quantitative deficiency of rest and sleep, for example, or such simple things ka dehydration.

It should also pay attention to other possible signs of overtraining, who shared one of the health enthusiasts: the appearance of changes on the skin and mucous membranes (ulcers, inflammation), insomnia, fatigue, the need for stimulants, or any other drugs, emotional instability, depression, lack of or sharp decline in intimate desire, pain in the body or limbs, digestive problems, errors in performing movements or exercises injury. When these conditions occur, stop, and reduce the intensity of the exercise. For example, if before you go running, go on walking. Some aspects of these and other issues will be discussed in the relevant section of the book, as well as in subsequent publications. In the meantime, we want to repeat our advice is to move forward slowly and carefully, quietly steady wins the race.

But do not be too cautious, afraid of wolves in the woods do not go. No wonder they say, for one broken, two broken not give. Therefore, forward, but with the mind. Read as many books on various aspects of the various exercises and practices can not replace the most important thing: the direct implementation of these movements and exercises. Just try it, you can buy the most valuable unique experience, which will allow you the next time to move even further along the path to perfection. The most important thing here is not to win some of his rival, and to bring your body and spirit at the harmonious state, which will allow you to live the most interesting and eventful life. Good luck!

Chapter Three: Recovery and Sleep

We hope that some idea of ​​the importance of recovery, including through a dream, the reader has already received from the previous section. Here we try to further develop this theme and provide a more detailed and in-depth explanations regarding this topic, as well as bring more practical details.

To do this, it may be necessary to develop the reader a broader and more accurate understanding of the major physiological processes occurring in the human body as during different exercises and during recovery. Again, we emphasize the importance of understanding first principles that can help to better understand these processes themselves, and will get rid of memorizing many unnecessary details. So, contrary to popular belief, the muscles during exercise does not increase, or as they say, do not swing. It's all happening just exactly the opposite. We have in mind that it is precisely during exercise, in fact, there are processes that can more accurately characterize and summarize the processes of decay, decomposition, or scientific catabolism. Opposing them on the direction of the process, namely, growth, or anabolism (hence the name of anabolics), usually begin only after the completion of exercise. And here it is worth noting that the process of tissue decay in the tissues (mainly muscle, but not only) with increasing exercise intensity is reinforced, and in our opinion is exponential. Why is this important? The fact that as exercise intensity increase in intensity is primarily, but not the duration, reducing the need to process greatly increases, and this has required the relevant provisions and conditions.

Of course, this process of disintegration apparently difficult to notice. In addition, the fact misconception that muscles grow it during exercise contributes to the presence of the amplified krovopritoka to the muscles, and the development of edema in them, which is almost always observed during exercise. But if those detailed study biochemical and physiological processes that occur during exercise, their catabolic direction (decay) becomes apparent and clearly. And these processes are in fact quite extensively studied and described in the literature. During the development of this process of decay, there is a sharp decrease in inventories of energy substances present in the body, primarily in the muscles themselves, but also in the liver and adipose tissue. Also sharply reduced stocks of various metabolic enzymes and other nutrients. And all this is accompanied by accumulation of decomposition products such as lactic acid or highly toxic nitrogenous products of metabolism of amino acids.

And at the structural level after intense exercise in muscle tissue there are various more or less pronounced tears and ruptures of muscle fibers. And all of the processes outlined above, lead to the fact that as a result, and after exercise muscles are in pretty poor condition, and not provide an example of any growth or strengthening. Therefore, you need to completely clear to understand and remember what those subsequent recovery processes, and are completely and utterly critical. And in their absence or insufficiency, or if for any reason they will be carried out with violations, the state and the muscles and the whole body (heart and lungs is also largely muscle) will gradually deteriorate. Thus it becomes clear that the movement and exercise is not always good. Sometimes, in a weakened condition from the exercise for some time, it is desirable to give up completely. Although this does not mean that it is not necessary to engage in, just need to first prepare a system restore, but about how to do this in practice, we talk a little bit later.

Moving on. Recovery mechanisms are started and during and immediately after exercise, and if it has all the necessary resources and conditions of this happens automatically. But the effectiveness of these recovery processes is not infinite, but is limited and depends on the presence of many important factors, the absence of any of them might fail and sabotage the whole process of recovery. What are these factors?

We call some of the most significant and important: first of all, you must have the best stocks and types of energy substrates (carbohydrates and fats). We have already raised the topic preferences carbohydrates when discussing food, and here only note that the higher traffic (work per unit of time) the more preferred carbohydrates.

The following factors necessary for proper recovery is the availability of building blocks, including amino acids and their enzymes, which are a kind of tools needed for splitting of the energy compounds and for the use and incorporation of these structural building blocks. Also need a kind of organization and informational support of these processes, carried out as a hormone (HGH) and nervous (autonomic) system. Here it should be noted that these recovery processes can occur both in the waking state of consciousness, and during sleep. Note that during sleep, these processes are most pronounced and active, and this is understandable. Because the body during sleep, turning off or sharply reducing and changing many of its activities, can truly focus on the process of recovery. And so it is right has long been observed that children grow it in a dream.

We note immediately, sleep, again contrary to another common misconception, the process is not passive (it's not just sedated), and in fact, a dream - it is a very active state, and not just physically or physiologically but also mentally (including including at the level of subtle perception). Therefore, the process of sleep onset, figuratively speaking, is not like off the computer from the electrical outlet peculiar brain, but rather a shift of the computer on a completely different path of its activities, in which although some functions or limited, or completely off (vision, hearing, muscle movements), but at the same time begin to run or dramatically enhanced many other important programs on life support. And direction of the program is largely set by the vector with a predominance of recovery processes. Therefore, if the day, mostly catabolic state (decay) with a predominance of sympathetic activity, that night, as has long been noted that kingdom vagus nerve (vagus nerve) associated with the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system in which the active process of anabolism (building). A person who does not sleep suffers, all vital functions, so pay special attention to sleep. Good sleep is not only a dream long enough and of sufficient quality sleep.

It was in a dream, or rather in his first sub-cycle of so-called deep sleep phase (delta) and there is intense pulsed release of a large number of core promoter and regulator recovery processes - growth hormone. Therefore, if there are failures in quality sleep architecture, it can lead to very serious changes and disturbances in terms of quality and quantity (intensity) reduction processes. This brings us to the importance of understanding that not only the length, but even more so, the quality of sleep, have a huge impact on all recovery processes, and so on and directly associated with these processes, the state of physical and mental health and well-being. It has long been observed that people who have a deep is there a good sleep, health problems there is much less. However, as we have repeatedly pointed out in this book, sleep is an integral (uniting) function, which in turn is caused by other parameters of (food, exercise, mind).

Here immediately indicate that in our opinion, a good night's sleep is largely laid starting from the morning of the previous day. And if such processes tab upset about something, it may crash the entire system, as that will lead to the development of sleep disorders, as well as all the recovery processes of life. Indeed, as already noted, it was in a dream, not only restored the damaged muscle exercises, but also occurs extraction (excretion) of various products of metabolism, energy recharging batteries mitochondria, and besides many other processes which ultimately result in the adequate physical and psychological recovery after sleep.

What exactly we practically can contribute to the body of AH correct bookmark healthy sleep on the following night? This tab healthy sleep is primarily related and requires good nutrition, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Nutrition has been touched up, in the relevant chapter and we will not go back to them in detail and re-produce this information. But let me say that we are deeply convinced, largely because of malnutrition in the real needs of the body and is associated most cases of sleep disorders and insomnia. And problems such as inability to sleep in the evening, and premature awakening in the middle of the night, often due to a certain extent it is an inner hunger of the body. And here it does not matter whether this is felt as hunger hungry man on a conscious level, or him, this hunger, gives a very different psychological characteristics (irritability, apathy). And examples confirming the conclusions already accumulated quite a lot, including in the medical literature. And the observation of other people, including athletes high-level functioning, widely used methods described in this book, and our own quite substantial, including clinical observation in medical practice, is also quite clearly supports this statement.

That's why we strongly recommend that readers try yourself to focus on the relative adequacy of calorie consumption per day setting with food and its relationship with the quantity and quality of sleep later. Here it should be noted that we have in mind is the relative adequacy of daily calories, that is, the provision of basic need for the body energy expended to maintain different basic processes of life (breathing, blood circulation, thermoregulation), plus separate the necessary resources for construction and restoration processes related to both direct execution of exercises, as well as cost necessary for the recovery processes described above. Of particular importance need to achieve this balance acquires, even a relatively very short (5 minutes a day, or even less) exercises with high intensity. And here it does not matter whether the weighting used (bar) when performing these exercises or not, as even the most common and easy at first glance, an exercise of the same Norbekova can wear down the body's reserves so that it will take a long and deep recovery. One of the main criteria that will help to understand the intensity level of training, as we have noted above, from a practical point of view, is the emergence of a specific feeling of a burning sensation in the muscles while (it was during, not after an hour) exercise.

The next and very important factor in ensuring the quality of sleep bookmark the next night is the correct time to harmonize all aspects of human activity (time food, rest, mental and physical activity). This harmonization is important both in terms of internal synchronization processes and external (for example, with a cycle of daylight). This option requires a special explanation. So what is it? Some readers, especially those who are interested in a lot of study and oriental knowledge may already be known to many observations describing including the activity of the various information-energy meridians of the human body. Each of these information-energy channel, and they usually describe twelve, not only has its place (physical localization in the body), but also a certain time structure (phase) of its activity. So, some of these channels are known to be more active during the day, the other night, and then there is a whole architectonic and quite intricate and orderly dynamic structure, which provides details of how each process is and what follows what.

In fact, now, the knowledge that has long been largely known for at least a thousand years, are now beginning to be recognized and modern medicine, and conducted many active attempts to use them for a variety of issues (from the selection of the time use of drugs to ensure that the long-term space missions). In this sense, the knowledge of modern science have acquired names Chronobiology or chronomedicine (from chronos - time). In particular, already clearly confirmed the differences in activity of various organs and systems of the body, depending on the time of day (and at higher levels of temporal organization, and the seasons and other cycles). So, to maintain an optimal time architectonics various processes taking place during our daily life plays an important role in maintaining good health. Thus became widely known in the scientific community that the people working on the night shift are subject to various additional risks in terms of their health and development of diseases. For example, described an increase in the incidence of cancer in the nurses who work in shifts.

These and many other facts, certainly confirm the need for a thorough temporal organization of different aspects of our daily lives. From a practical point of view, we can give the following general recommendations. Initially, to finish with the question of food, which rose above, we note that not only consume food composition plays a role for the subsequent quantity and quality of sleep, but also the time consumption of this food. In general, you can pretty safely say that breakfast for normal conditions of life, to be the biggest food intake for the whole day, and in addition about 70% of food in the caloric equivalent is desirable to use before or during lunch, that is, in the morning. So I want to note that approximately the same layout and recommends that all food well-known proverb, which says that he eat breakfast, lunch with a friend, dinner and give the enemy. Unlikely or is it just a coincidence.

Although such a recommendation in above and seems pretty simple to implement, but in practice you need to be especially careful. In fact, in the implementation of such recommendations in practice there is a very serious drawback, and therefore has a huge potential for making a critical error. The fact that the implementation of this recommendation (morning meal), people often violate other condition that has been indicated just above (enough to eat). Namely, perebalinsirovka proportions of food are often made not due to redistribution of the food that was supposed to be eaten in the evening, in the morning, but due to simple cuts afternoon and evening portions of food (especially if the person is trying to lose weight). It is very big, and unfortunately so is a common mistake, which we often see. Since the condition is violated enough food on the needs of the body, that is, the total amount of food eaten per day becomes not sufficient, then as a consequence will suffer processes of recovery and sleep. We hope it is clear.

To all this I want to add that can be very long and detailed discussion of issues associated with sleep, and even to dedicate this issue of hotel work. After the dream, except for physiological aspects has also a very important and quite still little known psychological and spiritual aspects. Here you can remember Freud's analysis of dreams, but moreover because it is no accident there is the fact that the dream, this important recovery process was in a completely separate category in modern medicine (a sleep, Sleep Medicine), as well as in systems of ancient knowledge (Yoga Nidra, Yoga sleep). Yoga Nidra in our opinion, this is a very unique thing totally obscure to most people. Incidentally, we note immediately that it was Yoga Nidra is one discipline that offers many opportunities to work with the mind and psyche, including in terms of completely practical aspects and knowledge, and we believe that those people interested in the subject of the work on the mind and spirit we take a closer look at the relevant section, it is worth it to ask deeper. But in general, we hope that even those we think, and are relatively simple recommendations described above will be useful to many people, and help them to restore a healthy and deep sleep.

And lastly, covering the topic of sleep, I want to turn to only one more practical problems associated with sleep, namely to snoring, and closely related to them a painful condition called sleep apnea. Methods of treatment of this problem is proposed set of modern medicine: intraoral appliances, apparatus positive pressure, surgical intervention. But all these methods have many serious shortcomings, and most importantly they do not address the true cause of this pathological condition.

Therefore, before you mark our recommended approach to this problem, first briefly mention what exactly is the problem presents in terms of physiology. The point is that in the development of this problem, problems start to occur with the passage of air through the airway, and is particularly evident during sleep, wherein the sleep pattern is disrupted and destroyed those recovery processes that would have to occur, but they are not occur. That is, people seem to be asleep, but not reversed, and therefore constantly feel tired. First, when there is snoring (partial blockage) and then when there is apnea (complete blockage), the reason for this is the imbalance of neuro-contained breathing apparatus with a change in muscle tone as well as their interaction with each other. And this in turn leads to disruption of the supply of oxygen to the lungs and leads to oxygen starvation of the whole organism. Such a person who snores or seriously or who becomes complete cessation of breathing during sleep (apnea), can not have quality sleep. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine the same that you can sleep well, if a person with almost all night choking. And a separate big problem is that in most cases, to the person about the availability of this problem he did not know, because he's asleep at the time and does not feel anything. And in fact, quite often the relatives of a man trying to persuade him to seek help. And then there are different treatments, which have been described above. This may help, especially in the short span of time, but then the state will continue to deteriorate. Is it possible to completely eliminate the cause and get rid of this problem permanently? It turns out you can. And this in more detail described, for example herein.

In addition to sleep, to the methods of recovery can be attributed, and many other things. For example, many people know about the healing properties of thermal treatments, such as sauna or bath effect on muscle pain. For a long time, there are whole set of methods and procedures to facilitate the recovery of the body. We will not discuss them only mention one method that regards the so-called cleansing of the body with the help of laxatives, enemas, and other hepatic tyubazh. There are two aspects that need to be identified. First, why should consume toxins, then to infinitely clean? Indeed, contrary to popular belief, the main toxic load on the body does not produce any there poisons (including industrial), and an ordinary, even a relatively clean, but inappropriate human metabolism of food. This applies mainly to products of animal origin, which in our body actually produces a lot of toxins that sometimes it is necessary to clean up really different cleansing. But we repeat our question, why litter to clean up indefinitely? The second aspect concerns directly extremely excessive focus on clearing, we tend to forget filling. Any cleaning, in any case, and also the loss of resources, so you need to focus on such a filling. As mentioned already before, freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, including greens, in this respect, very often completely interchangeable.

As for the other recovery methods, then it is possible to note the contrasting procedures, and the use of infusions of herbs, and various physical therapy and swimming in the sea. Often with the use of natural resources such as mineral springs for drinking and bathing, sea and sun. Not by chance, on this basis there was once an entire industry has developed resorts and dispensaries, which are now unfortunately or simply lost or redeveloped in questionable entertainment facilities, with a prevalence of alcohol and mindless entertainment that are used instead of actually healing rest.

And we hope that a return to the use of different but lost already proven methods of spa treatment, and the creation of new, including on the basis described in this book the principles of healthy eating, movement, recovery, and work on the psyche, certainly will dramatically change the overall level of health. But until that happens and something really serious changes at the state level, it is necessary to continue to everyone seriously and cares about their personal health and the health of their loved ones. We hope that this book, and perhaps our subsequent work will serve this important goal.

Chapter Four: Working on the Mind and Psyche

"If there are no fools who say iniquity and deceit?"


Work on the mind and psyche - it's not just what we are doing and, in principle, ie the acquisition of new knowledge through analysis and synthesis, but also something quite the opposite. Paradoxical as it sounds, and can, for many, quite paradoxically, often the work of the mind is not the acquisition of new knowledge, and getting rid of the old ones. The process is difficult to describe, but we will try.

The difficulty lies in the selection of terminology, and finding general principles that have passed through different cultural and religious systems of knowledge, and would be understood by different people about the same. There is no doubt that the Chinese peasant, and financial clerk in Manhattan see the world quite differently. Agree, it's hard to find words equally understandable and interesting to both. But we will try. Why is it important to try to reach out to all people at the same time immediately. We hope this will become clear from the following discussion.

Try to imagine an ant for the first time got out of their anthill and that the first time I saw the streets of the city, on the sidelines in the grass near where it is located and an anthill. As the ant to understand what is around him in his opinion ants going on, and most importantly imagine how ant tried to explain to someone what was happening to him.

The fact that we are human beings, we see around us on Earth and in space, beyond, to the farthest boundaries of the universe visible to us, it is of course only a small portion of the street on which we happen to be. But we, like the ant, of course, we think that this area, firstly, is the whole universe, and secondly, that this street was created especially for us. But for anyone else, because it's obvious, but here do not see any other more advanced beings. Let's return to our ants. If so, thinks the ant, once this street with all its asphalt, cars, houses and other attributes, has been specially created just for him, it's all the description of the (world) this street he would build his formic, so to speak, the bell tower. No, of course, he probably will be very grateful to those who made this street, whoever he was, the Creator, but the general understanding is that He could have just set up this whole world just for them, ie ants! And so, instead of trying to understand the true laws of the universe, the ant will continue to make logical errors. For example, he can not understand why the red moon rises (traffic signal), and will think that it proishodit because he does not like someone, and most likely will not understand that as long as the signal light, then crawl on the road dangerous. And this ant is even possible to persevere, and to impose their point of view, other ants, especially if it is a control ant (sure to be some), and simple hard worker-ants do not have time to think about it, they even do not have time to raise formic his head. But since this is an idea of ​​the World in general, wrongly, that without realizing it, and especially not knowing quite what was on the corner, the ants just do not realize that in any momenet risk of being swept away just mower along with all the anthill, and it can happen one space only a moment, but that moment on the clock and the ant can take tens of thousands of years.

By analogy with the ant try to understand how and to what such a quiet street of the big city of the Universe, we, the people, everything suddenly crawled out, and what we do, we can shine in the future. First, that, by analogy with the ant should be evident, is that all around us there must be a lot of things on the appointment and devices that we are completely unaware of. We can of course be naive to assume that we know the purpose and the device, as well as an ant does not consider anything else other than a lawnmower natural disaster, such as a hurricane, but that no one becomes easier.

Moreover, as an ant, we can not feel and do not understand, even if we will study without our knowledge. Or even try to control us, as in the experiments of the University of Texas, which is not just a study cockroaches, and studied the possibility to manage them as robots through implanted nano-computers with which try to set the motion vector of the most cockroaches. Our poor and naive ant, even if they knew about the troubles of cockroaches, of course absolutely no doubt would have been convinced that here with him and never anything similar happen to not be, well, he's the ant, in fact, do not primitive as a cockroach in the end it all. So, staying in the illusion that he ant is the king of nature, and this is known to every ant from school, sounds good.

And when at the end of summer, the end of his long and troubled life he formic, ant, who has never seen winter, and not having a clue what it is, is taken to talk to others, still quite young ants, about the mysteries of life, we, We, the students from outside it might look a bit naive and strange. And most importantly, he did live a thousand years of its ant, he, ant, still do not have not the slightest chance to understand the complexity of the universe, or at least, that part of it which fit into the small alleys shabby little town where he actually business and lives. Not to mention the mysteries of cities, other planets and distant expanses of space. So it turns out that the fool was born a fool and you die. So, for us, the people, as well as ants, too foolish to disappear, because to us from the clutches of the Almighty Time exit no. Or is there?

There is a way. What can not overpower an ant, can overpower an entire ant civilization. What do you need? This requires a highly developed system of communication, both between individuals, ants, and between whole generations which would be carried out over a relatively long period of time. And then, if for hundreds and even thousands of earth years, one and all the ants and ant-hills, having established a system of rapid collection, storage and processing of information, and would exchange this knowledge with each other, accumulating various findings and knowledge about their surroundings world, over time, they would undoubtedly much understood from the fact that it can not be understood by an individual, even the most intelligent ant. By the way, there are suspicions that analogues of such a system in ants, and not only in fact exist and that even different ones, as it sometimes seems bukashechki have tremendous fullness of knowledge about the world. And maybe that ants understand and laws of large and small towns, and know how to influence their lives are red, yellow and green traffic light of the moon, so they know where and how to build their ant village, and where it is not necessary to do so. We are still difficult to understand the level of knowledge, but maybe it turns out that it is more than a lot of what we thought possible. And no doubt that the formic civilization, therefore, can get very different opportunities in life.

And people. The only way all of us to understand what is really going on in this rather strange universe, this is probably the first attempt to get rid of excessive gomotsentrizma, and try to look at the world through the eyes of all mankind at the same time. It is necessary to examine in depth intact all known history, the history of all known civilizations. And this has to try to get the whole picture of the universe.

If we tried to do it, what would we see and understand? At first, we would probably have realized that the world as we know it, in fact, to a large extent illusory. This statement requires some explanation. Illusory in the sense that we ascribe to things and phenomena that surround us, the values ​​that they can completely enjoy. For an ant in an ant hill fox vlezshaya will look like just a random accident. Although foxes that prey on the mole, and accidentally dug move the nest, there is a very simple and logical explanation of how and why she got into an anthill. And the existence of ants, it can not even guess, unless ants all together it does not sting the nose. And for the people, many accidents and natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, may look as such, just because we are unaware of the existence of such objects of the highest order.

Therefore, any analysis you need to be extremely careful and try to distinguish between objects or phenomena from their interpretation. To do this you need to learn to arbitrarily change the world system, and gently move from one such system to another. And here is probably the most complex of all the processes of transition is the transition from the observation of some ideological system, to observe without any system at all. It is this transition, and said in our opinion, when discussing the highest degree of development of the mind and spirit. This is indicated by all spiritual practices from western to eastern. Sometimes referred to in this highest point of consciousness available to man, there comes a time when "disappears space and time." That is, when the leaves artificial world, a measure designed by the man himself, and instead comes to the perception of measures inherent in nature itself. It is in this, in our opinion, is the whole essence of the state of Enlightenment, Nirvana, or when the Holy Spirit descends, or how else can you call it a state of mind and spirit.

Then comes the understanding of this really exists everywhere in nature is full of action. This occurs in addition to abstract patterns created by the human mind, artificial measures that are different. When this happens, and we begin to come out of the captivity of our internal shackles-action and see the world through the eyes of Nature, we acquire more knowledge. Imagine ants that for the first time looked at the city through the eyes of man. Imagine a man who for the first time looking at the world through the eyes of God. Not surprisingly, some of Yoga ever stop communicating with other people after experiencing this feeling. Imagine an ant who tries to tell his brothers did not think about these issues, about that new reality that he or she had just realized.

In general, for this path and the coordinate system in this area and is the work of the mind and psyche of a man who truly strives for self-development. In the general direction of the one on the hill, but exactly which path to choose, to decide the man himself. The main thing to understand is that for the horn to the top of a huge number of traps and secret rooms-traps, the task of which confused the road going in this maze of Great Knowledge. In some cases, these traps and snares look just as obsessions, such as described in detail in the book "Mystics and Magicians of Tibet" Buddhist monks, who often, as described, indulge and have fun with the "wild but nice" gin, which they themselves and rocks in his own mind. In other cases, these traps appear, at first glance, as a deliverance from bondage. Such examples are in many cases traditions of asceticism, which so many branches in many spiritual traditions. We need to understand that any restriction is the shackles of artificial measures and there really is very difficult not to be in illusions and walk the razor's edge. That is why the Buddha, who in the early years was totally alien to penance, to give it up afterwards, and called to be equidistant from all things, go through the median.

Again, mind and spirit is very thin and in its very complicated matter, which should only be touched very carefully. Therefore, we will refrain from any sudden or even more clear and specific recommendations, leaving the reader to find his own inner path. But we think that some useful tips we still be able to provide, at the same time very please do not regard us as a particularly advanced in these matters. We just, well, somehow managed to find some inner state of harmony and balance, using the principles described herein. We are the same as all the applicants modest truth that is just a little bit managed to trample on the different corridors of the labyrinth, and vaguely consider some of its nooks and crannies.

Note first that seems to us that there is no single recipe, and can not be. And therefore, although some sources and advise careful and painstaking work on the same branch and direction, such as jams, only certain practices or any other religion for a long time, say decades to achieve a certain result. We also think that especially in the beginning, but after too, unless there is a possibility, you should study the different roads that can lead to the top, to be able to then have to choose any one and go through it. Important and we think this advice, which can be formulated in such a style: Truth uttered a lie or is not it. By this is meant that between the description of the phenomenon and its immediate perception is just as huge difference between a horse is depicted in the picture, and zhivim horse on the lawn, which we touched, together with all the feeling wealth of shades, smells and sensations. If we continue this analogy between the horse that we really like and perceive between this horse, such as it is, by definition, Plato horse, in itself have the same huge difference between painted and present.

Work on your mind extraordinarily exciting process, but it is in the case of life and the human psyche fairly balanced and stable. There is no doubt that a large number of people pass through incredible mental suffering, trying to realize the truth. Yes, it really can be a very painful process. And so in order to ease the tension, which can sometimes be up to the level of the internal state of torture, which some people feel without a doubt, we believe that the pre-need to strengthen the physical body, and it can allow to achieve much better results with less effort. Sure, well-balanced diet can help here is very, what we have repeatedly seen, including on personal experience. Also work on the muscles of the body, followed by a good recovery, including healthy sleep is also very helpful. That is why we recommend first to build a more or less stable physical basis, and only then proceed to a more intense reflection and practice.

On this theme, you can speculate endlessly. You can talk for hours at what level and how are the western psychiatry and the ancient knowledge of the East. But it is also true that many things we, the kings of nature, ants, that is just people, yet not only do not guess, but not even guess what it is we can not guess. Therefore, those who stood on the path of self-development, one must be prepared for the fact that even after the very first small steps forward, may disappear completely arrogance. And then the phrase I know that I know nothing suddenly becomes not only very clear, but it is unclear how even could be self-confident in something a hundred percent. When confidence is lost, and the world is somehow unsteady, by analogy with the game hot-cold, it means the onset of a "warming".

And though at first after the onset of this sense of insecurity seems to be nothing to live so definitely not knowing and not knowing is not possible. But in practice it does not look right, and in fact, on the contrary life gets some fabulous color, and as a child, the world is again interesting and unpredictable. Actually become quite easy again start believing in miracles. More coming to realize that this life was like before, would be in error, and becomes not understand how it was possible to make mistakes like this before and just did not notice. So, bravely in the way, good miracles guaranteed.

Subtle substance of the psyche is very vulnerable and therefore at work with the psyche, even more than in the preliminary work with nutrition, exercise and recovery, need special care and delicacy. Do not overreach. Stay if you're done with that condition gradually worsens, growing fear, anxiety, and intuition just screams that something is wrong. Trust your intuition, it is something important you trying to say. Learn to listen to her. Seek help and find the answer. You can help including books, and people directly. How can you choose the right book or person to help practical advice? It seems there is also possible to rely on intuition, and it is important that those books or people to which you refer, you've experienced the good warm feeling. The same thing you have to experience and when you ask for help and advice from other same fellow candidates, such as Internet forums. A good man may be mistaken, but it will not deliberately try to deceive you, and therefore likely to be more cautious in their recommendations and advice. By the way, and you too, when are giving advice, remember that the main principle of helping other people: "Do no harm." This by the way is not by chance coincides with the trajectory of the questions that Albert Einstein considered the most important issue facing humanity: "Friendly whether the universe?" This is hidden and a great sense of compass.

In concluding this section, we would like to share a few more observations that perhaps someone will seem useful. The first remark about the benefits of reading the same work but in different languages. Try to read tighter part of any work of any two languages ​​that you own. Here it's not so much the correction accuracy of the translation, though it is also undoubtedly plays a role. But the main thing is that the same idea expressed in different words becomes more like bulk. And there is not a big deal and the difference in the remoteness of these languages, but you can see that every nuance of difference in the sense of the words, maybe as a flashlight to illuminate some hidden aspect of the truth before.

The second observation concerns the short or Razlog describe certain phenomena or objects. Sometimes it may seem that short texts do not deserve our attention, at least not such as long texts. Or we can assume that those traditions that have few books on the shelves, or even no books at all, nothing new to teach us can not. I beg to differ. We are confident that the study of even a very little-known traditions, can be very useful and contribute to the growth. This may occur because of the remoteness of the culture of thought, when there is a kind of triangulation ("Place of seats determines the point of beliefs"). And examples are plenty. Therefore, do not hesitate to get acquainted and to try to understand it deeply strange things, those who are different from all others. So you can study and worldview little written of North American Indians, and not-written, but very deep wandering musicians Baul of Bengal south-east India, and silent, and usually laconic and something very ironic followers of Taoism, which incidentally is not reticent only in words but also in their written creations, but that in no case does not make them study superfluous, and even quite the contrary. And in this book, we are not trying to fit a lot of words. But this is actually not necessary. If the principles are clear, it becomes clear and above privacy.

Note at last that sometimes comes a time in life when this very life is somehow not interesting and boring. And it seems that just to throw everything and go somewhere in India or the Amazon, and life again shine in all colors. Do not shine, and will not change. After all, you will bring with him to India, and wherever it was not this the most boring person in the world that you are already tired and from which you actually want and leave. And this man is not your husband or wife, or even your boss or neighbor. This person - yourself. Therefore, instead of somewhere to go, especially in those places where if you believe the people who have been there, too hot to opupeniya, crowded and noisy, try instead to change yourself. Otherwise, you risk to find a day or two after the move, all your problems arrived with suitcases ... So, instead of leaving, first, loans and a change yourself for the better. Reading about the mental and spiritual practices that greatly contribute. And thus, you can not only change and love yourself again, but the experience and likeness we have described above ants do its part is very important for all of us, the world's population, work. You, with your completely unique and special perception of what was not, and never from anyone else in the world will not only you will be able to analyze all the experience that collects and saves the crumbs of thousands of years and which is now available in books and works of art. And perhaps it is your drop knowledge you with all of us necessarily share, will be one of the last and necessary, which will fill a vessel of knowledge, and because of that we all finally will understand how we become not just a frightened crowd, namely Humanity. So go for it, and remember that we all sincerely wish you success.

Chapter Five: How to Connect the Dots?

"No one will embrace the immense."

Kozma Prutkov, "The Fruits of Meditation"

Immediately note: the set of basic elements that we used to build our model of health (food, exercise, rehabilitation, and operation of the mind) is not unique, and has repeatedly been in one form or another used by other adherents of a healthy lifestyle. For example, Sivananda Yoga, teaching methods of hatha yoga developed by famous Indian yoga practitioner, physician and spiritual teacher Swami Sivananda consists of almost the same elements.

And in an article describing this system is said that the Sivananda Yoga is based on these principles: nutrition (vegetarianism), proper body workout (exercise, including respiratory), proper relaxation, and correct understanding (than their interpretation is the study of the scriptures and meditation). By the way it is on this criterion, we tried to select the material for this book: if it was published before? We have tried, whenever possible, to use this principle and serve or little known or completely new material, while not taking a lot of space for other important but more commonly known facts.

Therefore, we did not seek to ensure that retell all possible details and details of the model, especially if they are, as already noted, were quite thoroughly described in other studies on healthy lifestyles. In this book, we try to outline the fullest possible picture, so to speak with a bird's-eye view, and try to identify some of the main components and their cords. Note that some knowledge we already know quite well and in detail, and some other aspects of this system will require more in-depth development and research in the future. But in the general picture emerges quite a clear and understandable, and we hope the reader. And it seems to us, the main thing about this is that it gives the ground not only for theoretical research and discussion, namely for immediate practical implementation, both at the level of individuals and groups, and, if desired, and at the level of society, the state, and all world. Although our plans were previously quite ambitious, we hope that we have the task (construction and description of the system) is generally able to cope.

In our opinion, the development of medicine today reached an impasse. Health status is poor. And, instead of solving the pressing problems of practical, almost every day only artificially invented new and new names of diseases and new unfortunately often completely useless methods of treatment. This is a road to nowhere. And despite the fact that we have great respect for the people selflessly working people in the medical field, it is time to clearly and confidently tell the whole truth: the path to the health of mankind, is probably not through medicine, and through optimization of the factors described above. And the question is not even in the creation of some kind of alternative medicine, it will not help, but a complete change in the whole system of existing outlook on human health. And the fact that today many doctors, in varying degrees, are already aware of the true state of things, trying to somehow change the system from within, certainly deserves praise and full support of society. And those people who try to criticize them for non-contrived pseudo-guild principles of solidarity, the answer is simple: Who if not us? Who else but the doctor can see the true state of affairs? Although immediately note that we consider the need for a radical transformation of the modern medical industry, an important but not sufficient factor for success. This one is clearly not enough to achieve major changes. A cosmetic changes are unlikely to lead to something much useful to because this would cost the city of cities.

We believe that this new theoretical and practical system that can be roughly described as neo-health, should initially be built on a much broader foundation than medicine. And it should, at least, include the full knowledge and practices of the existing systems today provide power, in the broadest sense of the word, including under this term we mean all the technical aspects agrostruktury and systems physical education, education and culture. In this regard, we note that the very modern health system, in the form in which it exists, should be only a small part of the neo-system health.

Although in fairness it should be noted that some parts of modern medicine, such as trauma and emergency conditions, as well as spa complex, be requested in the construction of the new system and will need to be used wisely and build the laying of the new model. Note that the primary is not just a technical reorganization, and, in our opinion, most of the reforms will be carried out exactly in the mind (people, managers). To do this, gently as possible while maintaining the external structure, will be very deeply and thoroughly profound changes in all processes of the state. And infrastructure (relatively speaking homes), can largely be the same as the people working in them, they will only solve very different problems, and many other methods. And we hope that this book will serve as one of the building blocks and, and perhaps catalysts for the construction of this neo-healthy society.

And that is why we consider it necessary to try and make my little contribution (drop wears away the stone) in this important matter. After some deliberation on the format of this book, we stopped at the idea of ​​creating a certain analog Textbook of Health, which could be used as an introductory practical guide a healthy lifestyle. And here, as in the preparation and writing of any other book, the question arises, what to make in the book, and what to leave behind her braces. The amount of material which for various reasons could be used in this book so much that even the mere mention of all possible sources certainly would have taken the whole volume is large enough books. And we hope that out of the huge amount of material, we were able to choose the one that best meets the needs of readers and put in front of this book challenges.

It may be noted that those treasures are conditional East patiently accumulated for thousands of years (for example, hundreds of thousands of pages of the Vedas and Vedant or volume of works of Hippocrates), conditional West is trying to simplify as much as possible. And trying to learn from this entire wealth of only the most rational thoughts beans, discarding what he believes is the only husks and debris. But whether in their youth and inexperience, whether for some more other reasons, this conditioned the West, as it often happens, the child throws with the font. Yes, we can agree that the extraction and synthesis of ideas are necessary, but they should be made very carefully and deliberately, with frequent return to basics and re-interpretation has already passed. Another way we think not. And the only way to be carefully collected from the ore by previous generations, bit by bit to melt into the ingot as the precious metal required new knowledge.

At the same time, it is extremely important to us, then it is necessary to continue to move forward thinking, not backward, not in any case be slipping into archaism. It is possible, and even probable need and led dances in a clearing in the forest, and try to push closer to the wild, in all respects, but one must not forget the fact that civilization and requires a certain level of progress and responsibility. Also consider the safety of the product, it is very important for a growing humanity, and the accumulation of shared resources for new challenging projects, such as those that are associated with the development of near and far space. And therefore, achieving some progress in different areas of the economy, including in the health sciences, and related medicine, will achieve that state of harmonious clarity of knowledge that will help us to make a breakthrough advance.

And then, as once, about a half-thousand years ago, when the trajectories of the chaotic motion of the planets, to this confusing and frustrating, immediately acquired a completely different meaning and understandable to everyone, after came when the transition from the geocentric system of knowledge, to the heliocentric system Copernicus. And we also hope that sometime soon, those thousands of names of diseases which we all live today, will suddenly unnecessary and outdated, and it can occur immediately after the transition to the new harmonious worldview dynamic health systems described in this book. And at least adepts and the organizers of the new system of knowledge is guaranteed thanks to medical students, who learn to understand the general principles would not be forced to cram more useless, is not clear, and more is not particularly interesting titles archaic nosology (disease names) . Then, a moment will come when in a practical way and connect knowledge of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, naturopathy and Western, and the true knowledge of Hippocrates, and including best practices and methods of the so-called modern Western system of medicine. Then, the treatment of acupuncture needles and juices will be used along with the latest surgical robotics, but the need to use medical manipulations will be much smaller, and generally negligible in comparison with those that we see today. And based on this new system of the present health care (not system endless and fruitless fighting disease) course will be primarily based on the recovery of power, movement, and recovery work on myslesferoy.

And if it is necessary to speak about diseases and diagnoses, it is represented in the form of somewhat ironically, we can report that the number of diagnoses is likely to be reduced to ten, and the main ones are as follows: diseases of malnutrition, disease, poor sleep, illness, abnormal movements problems of disordered mind, as well as diseases of poverty, disease, ill-ordered society and complex relationships with others. And of old diseases, we hope this list will only injury, which will soon learn to cope successfully.

And if more seriously, it is likely nosological diagnosis of syndromic give way and there will be no such recordings in history: the early stage of chronic renal failure caused by the use of products of animal origin, at the stage of functional blockade-clogging regional lymph nodes. And it will be picked up by an appropriate course of treatment: Diet, Juice therapy, gymnastics, electro-sleep, the air-water and sunbathing, meditation, and seances with therapeutic animals, such as horses, cats and dogs. Carried out similar treatment course will be outdoors, in specially-equipped centers, with their gardens and orchards. In complex cases, by videophone can be quickly consult with a specialist, and all manipulations performed or nurse on site or via remote-controlled robotics. It sounds like science fiction? But I assure you, all the necessary parts to build this system already exist, you now need only a little courage and a desire to create the first prototypes of such centers. And while they are not present, if possible arrange themselves such centers at home and being treated themselves to health.

Given all the above, it is important to understand that we did not try to create some new aspects of the techniques of health, they are already there are hundreds, even thousands. As noted above, our first task we consider analytic and synthetic synthesis of existing knowledge, and on this basis to create a fundamentally new system of health care knowledge and practices. And the basis for the construction of such a system should be a change in the existing world, the fact that more adequately describes the reality. Have already been created and developed theoretically all the necessary components, including with our intellectual work, which we have been for several decades. And the analysis and synthesis of the results of research and modern and old treatises, and at the level of different countries and cultures, and at different levels of existing systems today (on the level of work of the family doctor, to the organization of the work of ministries and international organizations), everything points to a single point, the circle closed.

And in this book, we have attempted to formulate very clear conceptual (mental) model should look like this new system, and outline its contours and parameters as well as to draw its internal and external communication with the system knowledge of the world and its basic concepts. But at the same time, as far as possible, we have tried to make this book as useful in everyday life, and tried to create a kind of initial benefits of healthy lifestyles. Time will tell how we were able to combine these two seemingly very different tasks.

But it seems to us that these problems are not compatible is only at first glance. In our opinion, much controversy there is no proper or not. The thing is that the introduction of new knowledge is almost always usually begins with the spread of knowledge in a certain environment, especially active people, as it is now fashionable to call, early users. And this is perfectly normal, because it is difficult to imagine that any system of knowledge can earn somewhere immediately and completely. It is difficult, especially at the level of the whole country, not to mention the country. Therefore, we hope that this knowledge by teaching such active people who want to improve their personal health, as well as providing them with say, a kind of technical and methodological support, we will be able to change with the times and the future.

And at first, this knowledge will be used and validated by personal experience, so we try as much as possible to give the most practical and accessible to all potential users, councils. And over time, this knowledge, according to the method and the method is similar to a kind of diffusion, and sometimes by the active introduction and dissemination may be extended to a larger area and will acquire the character of system changes. So starting small, we may be able to change the world for the better. Otherwise, for many years people have to suffer from a completely unnecessary and totally necessary and sometimes entirely invented diseases that thus causing real pain. and in addition, the irony is that not only have to suffer from the disease themselves, but also from those actually pretty barbaric methods of treatment that are widely used today. Perhaps someone will make you think about the fact that, for example, those doctors who use chemotherapy in their practice for the treatment of cancer patients themselves, when they are asked about it, would refuse this type of treatment, even if they were to do certain readings.

Therefore, such a dual problem (make changes at the system level and be a practical tool healthy lifestyle) and determines how the material in this book. Returning to the question of practical use of this knowledge, we see it useful to use a metaphor here. If we imagine the state of human health in the form of mountains and reaching the summit of this mountain as achieving a certain level of perfection in the physical and mental condition of the body, then we are investigating as possible this mountain from different angles and points of view, trying to make, if I may so express card this mountain, and introduce it to our readers in order to simplify their ascent to the mountain. We do not claim that any one route is better than another, and try to describe them all, as objectively as possible, to the best of his understanding. And it seems that all those gathered to march on the mountain, it is essential to bring in its own virtual backpack, four of the most important subjects that are indispensable to anyone: the right food, the right movement, proper restoration and proper operation of the mind. But to decide which route to climb any particular person, or, so to say, the slope of the Sivananda Yoga, or the gorge recommended classical school of naturopathy, or in any other way, it's not us, and you dear readers. Like to make a direct ascent up the mountain and also have your own, this is for you, more so fortunately, than unfortunately, no one else can not do.

And who does not like our metaphor of the mountain, we present the opportunity to come up with any other metaphor itself (for example, by dipping into the depths of the ocean exotic health), or even do without it, using a completely abstract model. But our main premise remains still the same: to achieve the best results, you need to make maximum use of the reserves of the four main factors of healthy life that are more or less under our control. We are sure that all other methods of sanitation in varying degrees, ignoring these factors, you will not be able to bring positive changes in your long-term health, but instead will bring you a lot of frustration. We hope that sooner or later this understanding comes in all people.

Yes of course, and some of the techniques of medicine and various other parameters mentioned above and also factors will undoubtedly play a role his. Include a sense of reality, and if necessary, do not refuse medical care, especially in advanced cases. But the need to use these methods with proper prevention, reduced by at least an order of magnitude. Although we believe that such trauma surgery for a long time will be requested, and one of the important attributes of the health system until it is replaced by others will not come more subtle methods of regeneration. But here is the need to heal the so-called chronic diseases undoubtedly will disappear, and the majority of these diseases with the right way of life just will not. Noted above, that such power techniques Dr. Neal Barnard to get rid of Type II diabetes in eight weeks. Explain who needs a life's welcome saharoponizhayuschih medicines to patients, or is it the doctors and drug companies? So remember that using these treatments, you distract yourself from this recovery. But unfortunately, it seems that such archaic methods to be used for a long time though, if only because there is already a lot of running patients for whom these therapies yet essential. But we all need to finally realize that the difference between a healthy person and a person who has no disease is about the same as the difference between a rich man, and the man who has no debts. Until we learn to organize their present state of health, we will always remain poor, in the worst sense of the word.

So how is the system works in practice to establish the health of which we will try to tell you all the time? We think in the first place to start is with dietary changes, and then gradually add other elements (movement, recovery, and work on the psyche), is gradually trying to bring all these parameters to their optimal state. Especially hurry here we do not recommend. Like to dwell on just these four factors, life is much more multifaceted and complicated. Of course, the power, and the movement, and recovery, and the work of the mind, are the very basic parameters which should focus, especially in the beginning. But this does not mean that you should not ignore the many other things and processes that surround us. On the contrary, one must strive to balance inclusive and in harmony with the environment. Besides offering you to focus on these four main parameters, we mean that a basic unit of life already exists: there is some accommodation, a certain level of social stability, more or less interesting occupation or job. And of course it is very important there is no conflict in the society, the state of war, or some other socio-economic disaster or voltage. And in the case of such complications, perhaps you need to first take care of personal safety, the presence of shelter, clothing, water, and any food and then think about everything else.

But when the situation becomes more or less stable, it seems to us that we should not wait for the weather by the sea, and it is necessary immediately as soon as possible and begin to engage with their health and the health of their loved ones. No need to wait what that particular ideal conditions (that find a job, buy an apartment, a car, and so on), most likely, these ideal conditions never come and you just wasting your time. In the words of the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, the best place and time for training - right here, right now. Again, once you have decided to do is, from a practical point of view, we recommend you start with dietary changes, this is the fastest way to begin to implement changes in their lives.

Then you can move on to the exercises, work on the restoration of the body and sleep, as well as to work on the state of mind and spirit. This is a normal sequence, but in fact it does not matter where to start, start somewhere, and remember that this is cyclic, constantly repeating a process that never ever ends and the model which can serve as an upward spiral of development. And although this process can be defined beginning, it should ideally continue throughout our lives. It is important at the outset to try to determine the principles and objectives of this process are in fact not to achieve some particular health status, and get a medal, though undoubtedly be healthy may already vyalyatsya certain value for a person in itself. But remember that another very important part of this process is the answer to a simple question: what in fact we are trying to improve their physical and mental capabilities? What and how we want to achieve in life?

Is not only important, and often not as an end in itself, but how do we achieve this goal. After all, we must try to understand what we do: live or live our lives. We hope that the knowledge that you have, including from this book will help you to make your life more rich, full and colorful and we wish you success in this.

So, in this paper we have tried to present our thoughts on some aspects related to health and healthy eating. Q: Is it difficult to ensure proper nutrition in conventional cold climates? We believe that it is made possible and there are many successful examples. Experience shows that even long raw food diet is entirely possible in cold climates, especially if used including imported products. For example, as it is done that the same syroedka Tara in Canada, or the doctor Michael Soviets in Moscow. The understanding of the general principles and with some planning, we believe that there will be difficult even if the cost is only local products. Most importantly, you will need to teach people how and where to find the proper diet. Whether to go to the supermarket or better on the market? Is it better to pay more for so-called biological products, or collective farm will go? All these questions have their answers. An entirely separate issue that we have not considered is the right choice and homemade ripening plucked fruits and vegetables.

Processing technologies to preserve nutritional properties also deserve special attention. Briefly, raw storage or use of low temperature drying or freezing is preferred in most cases. If you provide the correct information campaign and therefore a lot of potential customers, it will be of interest to the business is not difficult, although it would probably and attention and support of the state, especially in regard to the production of equipment for the cultivation and processing of products. Need to clearly understand the purpose of the state, business objectives, and primarily targets ordinary people, they are trying to achieve with the power of healing and wellness. If you decide these questions, then find a balance between cheapness, availability, price, convenience will be easy. It is important to apply the principles of self-support and cooperation of all parts of the system, then it will be a success.

Interesting business ideas can be for example to produce the range of healthy food: fresh produce, dried at low temperatures, fruit and vegetables, frozen fruits, berries and vegetables, dried and grinded herbs, dedicated fiber, flaxseed oil, cold pressed. In the world there Soko cafe experience that you want to expand and make available to the maximum number of people, from childhood.

And perhaps it was then, through a change of diet and health, humanity finally pass this long-awaited period of prosperity and the present, and not cheap welfare. Through the development of mind, philosophy and spirituality, which promotes a vegetarian lifestyle. There are many historical examples that can help. And maybe then it seemed fantastic ideas gardens-belts Ivan Efremova or biotechnology civilization described by Strugatsky brothers in one of the stories from the "Midday XXII Century," will become a reality. We would very much like.

We have not even touched yet all the nutrition that are related to bio-energy, permaculture, features households, cultivation, storage and transportation of products that are also very, very important from a practical point of view. And processing and cooking, and even the culture of consumption of vegetarian foods, so to speak, has been successful in the prevention and treatment of many very serious human problems. Need to build a system that would help transform people in healthy patients, using all of the above techniques and methods are constantly creating new ones.

Someday we may be able to write a paper and present their answers to these and many other questions. We would like to organize a system of educational lectures, write manuals, and distribute them, including using Internet technologies. Perhaps soon the department valeology and other departments of many universities, medical schools, health centers, and many many other organizations interested in finally the topic, and it will cease to have the plaque of "alternative" and become the most common and meynstrimoskoy, finishing finally put it in place science and public opinion.

In this paper we share with our readers some of my thoughts on a specific range of issues, trying to outline a complete picture. You have to understand that we do not set ourselves the task to describe or even mention all details and we recognize that left many gaps and try them again in the future. This is our job, it's an attempt to make a step towards the goal of health. And to achieve this goal, the joint outcome of which we all dream, we offer all together amicably refuse mutual unconstructive criticism, which according to the principle of "the fool" unfortunately very often applied to vegetarianism in general and to the scientists and journalists who engaged in the topic. If someone thinks that he has the best answers to the questions raised by us, it would be correct not to engage in pseudo-criticism, and take the trouble to offer their alternative point of view and give it to the reader. It seems only a joint creative work we can achieve mutual success. We wish you all good health!

Completion: How to calm the World?

"Anger is sweeter than honey."

"Hungry knows no mercy."

Turkish proverb

In conclusion, we would like to share with you some thoughts on the topic of the day: How to reassure the world?

Many people mistakenly believe that people in their inner nature - a predator. Some even believe that man is not simply a predator, but it is even possible and most predatory of all existing predators. And if a predator, it must mean to kill and eat the meat of other animals. And we are constantly reminded of it. Resemble in many ways. For example through the different materials in the media, is a description of various aspects of life in various, similar to us in terms of physiological animals. For example large apes. Here for example is a video about how hunts grupa chimpanzees. These monkeys are said to have are actually far less harmless fruktoedami as we used to think about them. It turns out that they are the most notorious predators. And not even just predators and predator-kanibalami. They do not just hunt, they prey on their own kind, such as monkeys, only smaller in size. Everything is quite colorful and the details shown and described. So really what chimpanzees and monkeys, and we are the people, in their deep essence is a predator? So, we have no choice but to continue every day to dive into this dark inferno killing other animals to survive. Let's try to analyze this question more deeply.

Realizing the importance of how food plays in the lives of animals, it seems understandable and logical that the animals can clearly notice and to determine the number and sufficiency of food available to them, just using a regular visual inspection of the perimeter of the dwelling. Once there was with us a funny story. In our house for a while lived Safi, the cat of our friends, for which we from time to time to look closely when they are traveling. One morning Safi came to us in the kitchen and we normally put it some amount of food in her bowl. According to our calculations, this food would have to suffice it for the day. But the cat, as it turned out, with our opinion on the adequacy of portions disagreed. Safi came to the bowl, looked at the portion of food, it is not touched, moved, turned away from us and started piercing meow. At first we did not understand what was happening, but then we quickly figured: meowing Safi requires us to increase its portion. Here it should be noted that our furry friend is suffering from excess weight and our friends have asked us not to overfeed her. So, looking at the food that we gave her the whole day and realizing that then we can have nothing to beg, cat immediately decided to "take the bull by the horns" and to obtain justice and his position immediately before its too late. Therefore, it has been said and turned away from the bowl contemptuously mewed us as long as we do not and do not fill up her full serving bowls to the brim. When justice in her opinion was restored and she received the portion that in her opinion it was supposed to and from the very beginning, she immediately calmed down. And as soon as we gave her her required, Safi immediately stopped meowing, and immediately began to eat. This here was a lesson for all of us.

What does this have to do with the affected may contact topic? And besides, why is it that, generally good-natured vegetarians monkey indeed from time to time and hunt, and kill and eat their own kind?

Firstly, although hunting and killing, but typically still not "eat." The very process of "eating," as it seems to us more is a certain mixture of chewing teeth and squeezing the juice from the meat of the body of the killed animal and then discarding. Therefore, the "devouring" in the usual sense of the word no. But here are the facts of the brutal murder of hunting and undeniable. What happens and why?

The answer seems to us is actually quite simple: the fear of famine provoked a relative lack of fruit. Yes, indeed, these little harmless monkeys hunted chimpanzees, though, and weigh a little more than a kilogram is actually quite hungry and nimble enough importantly, in order to create a more slow and comparatively heavy chimpanzees serious product competition, which in bad times can be really quite tangible and substantial. Therefore, we believe the reason for hunting and killing most prosaic: hunger. But hunting is carried out not for the purpose of direct saturation meat sacrifices to satisfy your hunger, but as a means of destroying competitors in the fruit plantations.

The above example of the food is not the only competition. Unfortunately, such examples are the murders connected with the struggle for food resources exist in nature very much. Which is unfortunate, as including not a few examples and bound and carried out directly by man. For example, some anglers Peru and Japan mercilessly killing huge numbers of fish dolphins, not even feed themselves, and because of the fact that they, the fishermen believe the dolphins cause the relative lack of fish in the sea eating it and thus reducing the catch of fishermen.

Here it is necessary to note the relationship between food, satiety and emotion of anger or aggression. It should be noted that the value of one of the proverbs given in the epigraph of this section - "Anger is sweeter than honey" - can have, not only portable, but also the most direct and immediate value. The fact that the same hormone, which incidentally present in the organism and in many animal species and in humans, and which is responsible for maintaining blood sugar at a sufficient level, is also a hormone causes aggression and anger. This hormone - adrenaline. And we probably all noticed that when we are hungry we become in some degree more irritable and aggressive than when we are full. The adrenalin often occurs in response to a fall in blood sugar levels caused by including hunger, so you can really say that anger - sweet. That is, the adrenaline really can do more sweet blood, increasing the level of sugar in it.

It is our deep conviction that the same physiological mechanism involved at a deeper level and in many other internecine conflicts on our planet. Including in the wars that involve and are infinitely leads humanity. Fear of hunger, no matter how primitive some may seem a simple explanation, largely explains why originate certain social conflicts and why they are often accompanied by really hunger and aggression.

This mechanism explains a lot, including how and why ordinary and seemingly initially normal and civilized people, as if suddenly transformed, become aggressive and begin to throw themselves at each other, worse than wild beasts. This especially becomes evident in periods of economic recession, when really there is a threat of starvation. And this is real, but often hyperbolized adrenaline fear the prospects of hunger, leads to that before the good-natured people suddenly changed, becoming very aggressive and begin to rush to their relatives, "Aki wild beasts." Yes, we are no unpleasant can be such a comparison, but when we find ourselves in a state of hunger opportunities, then behave no better than those shown above monkeys. To our great regret, it seems that this is so. But unlike monkeys and other animals we humans given the opportunity of understanding and discernment. And so we just have to, as humanity understand it as soon as possible and do everything to change in yourself the very essence of our fear of hunger and separate from aggression. This is one of the foremost task facing humanity.

One reason for our lack of understanding is that both humans and other animals, usually do not know how deeply "hear" and feel your body and your mind. The reasons for this in many physiological.

Our autonomous vegetative system is quite complex and delicate instrument, which also has its weaknesses. For example, in violation of vital functions within the body, for example due to a temporary state of thirst or hunger, often caused by an internal change that we have not seen and recorded at the level of consciousness. Thus an internal failure, hidden feeling of malaise, which is often accompanied by a decrease in blood sugar levels usually tolerated in our perception of the outside, and extrapolating there trying to find the cause. And we often mistakenly find this cause in some external parameters. And since this process, as already noted, is usually accompanied by the release of adrenaline, which leads including a psychological reactions: there is a sense of fear and aggression. Therefore, feeling hungry (low blood glucose), monkeys, and also feel irritation, but do not realize that in fact the cause of this irritation inside them. Instead, they try to find the cause of their problems outside and find it in the form of other monkeys. And then, angry, under the influence of adrenaline, they do the only conclusion which can behold it is the cause of our troubles, it must be eliminated. Well, as usual then, "beat them, dastardly villains, monkeys that ate our bananas." And begins the hunt, which I feel like somehow to say "witch hunt."

In the same manner and by the same mechanism developed by the way, and many other pathological condition of the person that affect the psyche. For example, phobias, or the state of stable pathological fear, often initially provoked some common, often harmless, object or phenomenon, such as insects, or what that subject. At the same time, our mind suffers internal stress (caused by adrenaline) at the beginning harmless external object (eg spider) and so begins and quickly enhanced steady state phobia. It should be noted that phobias are those same state of aggression, but aggression aimed not outside, but inside, so phobia too often accompanied by self-destruction (automutilyatsiyami).

We will not be in this section deal with issues in greater depth the impact of nutrition physiology of the human psyche, but note that in that regard, it is important we think some of the parameters: the number and the macro-structure of the food consumed, as well as its glycemic index. We will try a closer look at this topic in other sections of this book as well as in our subsequent work. We note only that not only hunger, but also inadequate nutrition is capable of causing such changes in the social psyche, but such changes is difficult to assess the adequacy of the analysis without the skills supply. In addition, there are examples such as the emergence of aggression in monkeys eating "normal human food," but it is as already mentioned a topic for another discussion.

Hence the conclusion and output: understanding the processes described above, including how the lack of food can lead to conflicts and how to develop methods to ensure mankind necessary products can help resolve these conflicts and prevent them in the future. And the question here is of course not only in the food stability. This is a problem of a wider plan and require the same approach. But one can not underestimate the importance of food security in these processes.

The study of human experience shows that the development and the emergence of various instrumental techniques (from sticks and wheels to nuclear energy), unfortunately, failed to ensure the stable development of our civilization. Becomes obvious and there is an urgent need for the development of very different types and kinds of technologies: call them social or socio-synergistic technologies. Under these technologies we mean those technologies (set of methods, parameters and characteristics allow you to control complex processes, including in the social) that would ensure a harmonious, stability and continuity of the development of human society and nature. Examples of some of these techniques are described for example by Ivan Efremov or science fiction Strugatsky brothers in a series of short stories "Noon. XXII century. "Today, it's time we move from fiction to real academic, methodological and practical work. And by the way, it seems to us that, in technical terms, the existence of the modern information, biological, energy, and other technical and scientific technologies, which already owns mankind and which can serve as a basis for the development of these new types of social contact or socio-synergistic technologies on this stage of human development there is sufficient knowledge to ensure the development of all necessary needs of mankind for a long time.

A simple example for the production of 1 kg of meat requires about 10 kg of grain, and moreover the vast amounts of other resources, including water and energy. Thus, in the transition to a vegetarian way of eating (which inherently is one example of the use of the new system of socio-technologies, including including other sub-technologies) can be achieved not only tremendous progress in improving the health of people, but also the opportunity to feed the same amount of product per unit of land on the order of a larger population. Freed resources could also be used for other needs of society.

By the way is not difficult to notice the food in the life processes at the planning state of society and the national economy is very energy-related. And so it is, after all, in many of their characteristics, and food is a kind of energy source, only quite complex in terms of the methodology of its use, and we say, requires some special catalysts, enzymes and vitamins for its internal combustion engine and processing in the human body.

From the standpoint of planning power at large populations today may be noted three fundamental capabilities for human food in the future. For that part of the population lives in a warm subtropical climate all self-evident. But for those populations who live in high northern or southern latitudes, it will be necessary to provide or growing food in warm places with subsequent transportation to the north (such as the now largely provided by Canada, transporting many products of plant from Mexico), or growing products place using cash sources of energy to compensate for the relative lack of solar energy at the expense such as natural gas, which can be used for heating greenhouses and growing plants, even in the northern latitudes.

We think that in the future, careful planning will more accurately answer these and many other emerging issues and challenges. But the overall analysis of the topic indicates the enormous potential of which are obvious and clear even now. Incidentally, these issues will not only help in the world. Also in similar ways and can be addressed issues of long-term space travel and resettlement on other planets. For example, if in the future will act simply not wanted and unjustified restriction due to the need to ensure the astronauts animal products, many problems will be solved space is much simpler and easier. And what is beautiful and delicious once will certainly be those giant apples and pears grown in gardens, greenhouses in the infinite vastness of space, and how they look and smell will remind space travelers, people of a new era, their own home on Earth.

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25 March, 2015