4 Pillars

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The Four Pillars of Health

If we we want to be on top in all areas of our life (spiritual, intellectual, physical) we need to learn to balance the four pillars of their health, nutrition, exercise, recovery, including sleep and our psycho-emotional sphere, i.e. mind and spirit. Any health issues (insomnia, weight problems, migraine, diabetes, etc.) or any other types of problems, such as our ability to work (fatigue, mental exhaustion, lack of motivation, etc.) primarily require optimization of our lifestyle. There is simply no other choice. If you want to find a "quick fix" that will remedy the situation instead with some superficial cosmetic changes, this program is probably not for you.

To repeat: the main idea is to build the four pillars of health: nutrition, movement, recovery and sleep, and mind and spirit. All these pillars are actually deeply intertwined. You can not for example, analyse food, without knowing about the parameters of physical activity, the recovery and sleep, as well as the state of mind.

Sooner or later, everyone who wants to be healthy, will have to take a fundamental decision: to move away from the superficial improvements (that will eventually bring deep disappointment and lead to the waste of time and resources). The human body is not a car, we can not replace parts and must be very careful and considerate to our body and mind.

There are many "little things" that have to be addressed to bring the balance. For example, lack of light in winter, or lack of vitamin B12 for vegans could easily bring down a very strong person. We must constantly learn and improve yourself, because a lot of the ideas of the so-called "common sense" are pure myths. Many of these myths are for example debunked in my book: WellnessAid: a Short Book of Health.